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Which quadcopter should I buy for buying guide in 2016

Which quadcopter should I buy? If you get drawn into this and looking for the best quadcopter but do not know how to start and what factors should be considered? Here maybe useful for you.

What should you know before buy a quadcopter

A long time ago,I posted a article about: Buy vs build your best first quadcopter – which way? If you want to buy one,you should know some things as below before buy a quadcopter.

#1 What’s buying quadcopter for?

As we know that there are no one solution quadcopter can do everything what you want. ALL quadcopters have their own distinct advantage. So you should think about your quadcopter using for? Aerial photography,Sport,Sport FPV,Mini quad or Mini FPV. And then buy related one.

#2 What is your budget?

If you have budget to buy one quadcopter, and By spending only a short amount of time surfing around the Net, you will be able to find the most ideal quadcopter at a price that is well within your budget.Here’s a simple graph to illustrate what I’m talking about. The ease-of-use value goes from 0 to 10 and the price value goes from $0 to $1,000. Looking at the graph you can see that the easiest quadcopters to fly are in the $700 range. The reason why more expensive quadcopters fly better is because of the added sensors and functionality to the flight controllers inside.

have budget to buy one quadcopter

What things consider when buying a new quadcopter

When you buying a new quadcopter you must consider the following features or factors.

#1 Camera Type

The quadcopter camera type available will be a major consideration. While some models come with their own camera, others will need a product like a GoPro attached to them. Ideally, you will choose a model that comes with its own built-in camera.

Built-in cameras are lighter than most other cameras and they are often more functional.

A few other considerations will be:

  • How many megapixels the camera is
  • The video resolution given
  • Whether or not the camera angle be controlled
  • The distance of the camera

#2 Carry weight

Load weight is another considerration.you could check Various kinds of quadcopter load capacity comparsion table which quadcopters including Surverying,Agriculture,aerial photography.Different quadcopters have different applications and have different performance characteristics.You have to consider about it. Generally speaking,as a surverying quadcopter Carry weight between 400g-2300g,as a Agriculture quadcopter Carry weight between 8kg-20kg,as a aerial photography quadcopter Carry weight between 0kg-4kg

#3 Flight time

Fligth time is very important for all quadcopters, but each quadcopter was allowed to fly within a set range of flight time and with a fixed capacity lipo battery,such as DJI Phantom 3 Professional Quadcopter 4K UHD Video Camera Drone can fligth About 23 mins with 4480mah lipo and Yuneec Q500+ Typhoon Quadcopter with Aluminum Case, Free 32 GB Micro SD Card and Handheld CGO Steady Grip Gimbal flight times of up to 25 minutes from the intelligent 5,200-mAh battery.

#4 Height and Speed

If you have a quadcopter that is meant for taking live-action video during a baseball game, you may need to reach a height of 300 feet or so to be able to capture the entire baseball field. However, if you are flying just for fun, 100 feet may suffice.

Speed is also another consideration. Oftentimes, the speed of a drone will be 10 – 15 miles per hour. However, as stated before, you are confined to the range of your controller. Speed will be a consideration if you need to take video of sport’s games, such as soccer, or you want to follow around your child as they run through the yard to make a family video.

which quadcopter should I buy

Which quadcopter should I buy?

In turn,what are the best quadcopter for you?There are some old posts about best quadcopter listing as belows maybe help you to choose one:

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After you know What’s buying quadcopter for? your budgets and consider all above factors,I sure you will very clearly know what you really need and will select the best one.

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