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Where to fly quadcopter – Diy quadcopter

Where to fly quadcopterAcquiring your own quadcopter is the most appealing feeling you could get, but where to fly quadcopter? flying it is even more appealing than that. However, there exists a thin line between what is legal and what is not legal when it comes to flying your quadcopter.

In short, there exist guidelines on what is acceptable and what is not when it comes to flying a quadcopter. Whether written or unwritten, there are conventions and restrictions which compel one to only fly at a given place, in a given manners and at a given time.

Perhaps the reason behind this is simply to avoid dangers that may occur if one flew their quadcopter aimlessly. Whether this is the case or not, let’s delve into details and clarify where one is allowed to fly their quadcopter and where they are not allowed to.

No Drones Sign, Drones Free Area

As you can see from the image above, flying a quadcopter is highly prohibited in most public place. This is because it could jeopardize the safety of members of the public.

In some countries, it is even illegal to fly a quadcopter over a museum or a park where there are animals. However, this might not be the case in all countries.

Fly your quadcopter in winter

fly your quadcopter in winterWhen you plan to fly your quadcopter in winter as seen in the picture above, you need to exercise utmost care. This is because some parts might get wet and this is not good for the quadcopter.

For that reason, although it is not prohibited for anyone to fly their quadcopter during winter seasons, it is advisable that you exercise highest degree of professionalism to avoid some crucial parts getting wet.

And yes, if you live in a region where salt is used to melt ice on the roads and paths, you will need to be extra careful.

Given the fact that salty environments favor rusting, your quadcopter could be at a higher risk of falling victim to rusting in case you don’t employ the necessary precautions.

Fly your quadcopter indoors

fly your quadcopter indoorsYou could also fly your quadcopter indoors as seen on the image above. However, you need to ensure that you have adequate space in your house to fly your quadcopter.

It would be inappropriate for you to go flying your quadcopter in your sitting room which is fully packed or in your small-sized bedroom. However, it is possible to fly your quadcopter in a high-roofed garage or any other room that is large and high-roofed.

The Best Places to fly a quadcopter

1. Yard. This is specifically the most ideal place for you to fly your quadcopter given the space available. However, there is a disadvantage associated with this; chances of injuries are high since there are family members or neighbors around your home.2. Park. This is yet an ideal place to fly a quadcopter. However, given the restrictions by authorities, you might have to acquire a permit before you can do this or risk getting into trouble with the authorities.3. By the sea. It is ideal to fly your quadcopter by the sea, but the disadvantage is that the salty environment might pose a lot of risk to the parts that can rust easily.4. Open countryside. Talking to an owner of a large countryside field in order for them to allow you to use their field for flying your quadcopter is in fact the best idea. However, the process of getting the owner to grant permission might be hectic.

Legal rules for fly your quadcopter

Faa rules for fly your quadcopterThere are several laws in most countries which govern how one can fly. FAA rules State that you can fly no higher than 400 feet no farther than line of sight. More read this post Highest quadcopter flight and law rules limit.

For instance,

United States, FAA governs all American flying and stipulates all guidelines regarding flying of any aircraft in the region. In fact, in order to fly anything on American space, you need to register with FAA.

In UK, the rules on flying are contained in the principles of Low Flying Rules [LFR] which give guidelines on what is expected of anyone flying their quadcopter or any other aircraft for that matter.

Japan has an aviation act which restricts anyone operating UAVs from using them on various places as well as restricting them from flying beyond a given height.

China’s FDR also ensures that flying is done in accordance with the law.


Where to fly quadcopter? In a jiffy, although you can freely fly your quadcopter, you need to make yourself conversant with all the local rules and laws concerning where and how to fly it. This way, you will spare yourself a lot of trouble with the authority. Here is a post maybe helpful for you, Before quadcopter getting started to fly what should you do? In order to save money or have a happy fly and security, suggest you read ahead.

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