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What’s Advantages of Wingtra Switzerland drone?

Wingtra Switzerland drone is a hot topic on the Internet this week,it can fly one hour and 64km,fly like and areplane and land like heli,it may seem miraculous .do you know what is it?and what’s the advantages of it and used for? Today this post will tell you them.

What is Wingtra Switzerland drone?

Wingtra Switzerland drone is a hot topic on the Internet these days.what is Wingtra drone? It Fly like an airplane, take off and land like a helicopter.It only has five basic parts: the integration of the fuselage, wing two propeller and two pieces of plate resistance.Wingtra drone is best suited to gather aerial data for farmers, to increase yield, decrease fertilizer usage and reduce disease related risks.The drone can removable module, according to different forms of module assembly can be load different weight.In surface mining, the operators of mines are required by regulators to create precise maps of their mines. Using Wingtra’s aerial robot, precise elevation maps can be made in little time, a process which would otherwise take several days.

Advantages of Wingtra Switzerland drone

  • VERTICAL TAKE-OFF AND LANDING:Fly missions in all sorts of environments without worrying about take-off and landing. No more catapults, no more belly-landings.
  • AUTONOMOUS:We enable everyone to get the aerial data they need – again and again. From start to landing – our aerial robot operates fully autonomously.
  • 60KM RANGE:Wingtra’s aerial robot is a highly energy efficient airplane – allowing significantly longer flight distances and high area coverage in one flight.Battery-powered Wingtra drones can fly about one hour, in the meantime it can fly 60 km.
  • Replacing manned planes and helicopters, Wingtra saves up to 80% of aerial inspection costs.

Wingtra Switzerland

When Wingtra Switzerland drone will release?

Now the price of the wingtra Switzerland drone has not been announced, but the drone target groups will be professionals and researchers, expected to cost will be higher than the average consumer drones.The wingtra Switzerland drone is expected to officially went on sale in 2017.We very much looking forward it.

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