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Various kinds of quadcopter load capacity comparsion table

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Sometime pilots ask me how to calculate quadcopter load capacity? This question difficult to answer, becasue different quadcopters have different applications and have different performance characteristics. Today I will show you comparsion table of quadcopter load capacity from different applications,quadcopter brand name including DJI, Yuneec, Ghost, Wingsland, Walkera, XIRO, etc.

Quadcopter load capacity for Surverying

Brand Quad Motor ESC Weight Carry weight
microdrones md4-200 15.5 N 800 g 394 g
Trimble ZX5 6 brushless motor 2.7KG 2.3 kg

Quadcopter load capacity for Agriculture

Brand Quad Motor Propeller ESC Weight Carry weight
TXC TXC16-10 7015
22inch 100A 30KG 20KG
SW SW1800ZB 5400W 20KG 8-10KG

Quadcopter load capacity for aerial photography

Brand Quad Motor Propeller ESC Weight Carry
XIRO XPLORER 2212 9450 30A 1KG 1,2KG
DJI Inspire 3510 1345 3KG
DJI phantom 2 2312/960KV 9450 30A 1KG 1.3KG
DJI phantom 3 2312/960KV 9450 1.3KG
DJI S1000 4114/500W 1552/1552R 40A 4.2KG 6-11KG
DJI S1000+ 4114/500W 1552/1552R 40A 4.4KG 6KG-11KG
DJI S800 4114/500W 1552/1552R 40A 3.3KG 4.7-8.2KG
Yuneec Q500 KV700 13inch 30A 1.1KG 1.7KG
GHOST GHOST KV900 8555 20A 0,78KG 1KG
Walkera Scout X4 WK-WS-34-002 16A 1.77KG 2.3KG
Walkera TALI H500 WK-WS-34-001 15A 2.5KG
Walkera QR X350PRO WK-WS-28-008C 15A 1.3KG
Walkera QR X800 WK-WS-48-001 60A 3.9KG


The table above indicates that you will found some rules as below:

  • AP quadcopters load more capacity than surverying, but quadcopters for agriculture are load max capacity which is up to 20KG even more.
  • DJI quadcopters are good at aerial photography and have become famous in this field.
  • All quadcopters for aerial photography load capacity are not too much between 1kg and 4KG, except DJI professional AP quadcopters such as S1000+.
  • The more load capacity require bigger motor, propeller and ESC to work.
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