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Turnigy graphene lipo battery review and test for quadcopter

Recently, Turnigy graphene is become a hot keyword, therefore we make turnigy graphene review to help you to know more about graphene lipo battery, such as what’s graphene battery? Why so many people looking forward to it and is Turnigy graphene lipo battery really can increase flight time for quadcopter? What is graphene used for? This graphene test can tell you these answer, let’s dive in.

turnigy graphene

What’s graphene battery?

Graphene, a sheet of carbon atoms bound together in a honeycomb lattice pattern, is hugely recognized as a “wonder material” due to the myriad of astonishing attributes it holds. It is a potent conductor of electrical and thermal energy, extremely lightweight chemically inert, and flexible with a large surface area. It is also considered eco-friendly and sustainable, with unlimited possibilities for numerous applications such as rc hobby,quadcopters,etc.

What is the advantage of graphene lipo battery?

On top of that, graphene is an excellent conductor of heat and electricity and has interesting light absorption abilities. It is truly a material that could change the world, with unlimited potential for integration in almost any industry.

Turnigy graphene review

There are many battery brands show the flag of “graphene” on the market now, such as Hobbyking turnigy graphene, is it really apply graphene technology? You can buy one then review it, For clarifying the fact, get the true facts, do a the research study of the first step is that compare with turnigy graphene battery material parameters as below.

ParametersMultistarTurnigy Graphene
Config (s)66
Discharge (c)1015
Weight (g)11891370
Max Charge Rate (C)25

I compare Turnigy Graphene Professional 10000mAh 6S 15C LiPo with Multistar High Capacity 6S 10000mAh Multi-Rotor Lipo Pack. As we know, bothTurnigy and Multistar are come from hobbyking, Parameters chart is also come from website hobbyking.com. We know graphene battery have a lots of advantages such as less weight, more cheaper, high capacity ( small size) etc.

Now I have many doubt that why Turnigy graphene is more expensiver than Multistar? Why Turnigy graphene is bigger than Multistar? Why Turnigy graphene is more heavier than Multistar? Whether Turnigy graphene lipo battery is a true graphene technology? What do you thinks?

To confirm the findings helping you to choose the best drone battery, we search enormous amount of information of Turnigy graphene.

graphene test

Turnigy Graphene Battery 3S 1300mAh Review

From Rcdevotee

Discharge Performance

My standard discharge test evaluates how they handle a 27A discharge. I monitor pack voltage and temperature. This pack set a new standard for both. The following discharge graphs compares the Turnigy graphene pack to the former king, the SMC True Spec (low performing 35C pack included for reference).

Turnigy Graphene Battery 3S 1300mAh Review

This is the first pack to beat the SMC, and rather handily at that.

Cool Performance

Typically I see the end temperature around 130F to 140F. Again, the Turnigy graphene pack performed much better than a standard LiPo. After more than 80% discharge at 27A it was barely warm at 108.5F! This is unheard of.

Cool Performance - turnigy graphene review

Is it perfect?

What is the one flaw? Weight. It comes in at 137g. About 20g heavier than the SMC and Bonka packs that used to sit atop the chart. Will that difference in weight offset the voltage output? Probably not entirely, but to some degree it will.

Whatever HobbyKing is doing with these, it works. Graphene (thin layer of carbon) is expected to change batteries and electronics. No one expected a hobby grade battery with Graphene. Certainly not from Hobby King. And absolutely not for the price. This $17 battery is among of the cheapest, it is the highest performing, the most reliable (another tested has over 900 cycles on his!!), and frankly best looking packs out there. This changes things. One manufacturer has already said this has put the lipo industry on notice. Change is coming.

Conclusion for Turnigy graphene

It’s a good thing that scientists investigate and found graphene, we all Looking forward to it and numerous applications, But today we must face the facts that graphene can not be mass-produced today. So Don’t trust people easily who tell you graphene battery is mass-produced now and are applied to their products, Especially for rc hobby and quadcopter field.

Can turnigy graphene increase flight time for quadcopter? Yes, but not exactly. In fact, according to our survey, graphene material just assisted as additives to increase the performance of lipo battery. So far, they are all more or less good for increasing the performance of lipo battery.

After reading Turnigy graphene review if you have have a different opinion, please leave your comments on here.

Best Graphene Lipo Battery Recommended

BrandCapacityVoltageC RateConnectorsPrice
Turnigy Graphene1300mAh4s 14.8V65Cw/XT60Check Price
Turnigy Graphene1800mAh4s 14.8V65Cw/XT60Check Price
Turnigy Graphene2200mAh4s 14.8V45Cw/XT60Check Price
Crazepony Graphene1500mAh4s 14.8V70CXT60Check Price
ARRIS Graphene1500mAh4s 14.8V50CXT60Check Price

We know, graphene is more or less increasing the performance of lipo battery, therefore we recommend the best graphene lipo batteries as above table, which include Arris, Grazepony and Turnigy graphene. All of them gain praise for the performance of lipo battery by polits. If you want to purchase them, can click the ‘Check price’ to check out.

One Comment

  1. Bec Collmar

    February 17, 2018 at 5:30 pm

    The Graphene product in the RC Market is being promoted with false advertisements along with other Graphene products that are now hitting the open market. When the product DIES at or even fast than the Lifepo4 version, this product is EXTREMELY OVER PRICED FOR NEW TECHNOLOGY THAT IS NOT TESTED PROPERLY.
    This is the promotion of a new redesigned wheel getting you to buy something that looses its mAh faster than LifePor4 by my research and direct testing. 10 Cells 11.1 14.4 5,000 mAh with 1500 tests and 430 fried circuit boards. In many tests, the capacitors either bursts to spikes or burns out along with the micro circuits that cannot be resaudered back to the board. Dirty Power that fries electronics that randomly dead shorts during high amp usage and over amp output blowing capacitors on these circuit boards.
    Its always the HYPE and a mad dash to push products like this that does not benefit the end user accept those who created it and those who get affiliate bucks to push products. Over pricing for mAh.
    My dealings covers 5 products and each exhibited the same results with no significant life extended cycles, with that said.
    This is the same thing that is being done world wide on every market. The hype and lies that does not benefit the buyer with the lack of testing. Test it once and push it out the door, Graphene offers no extended life and the mAh that the customer buys vanishes even faster than the money in their wallets.
    Me personally, I’ll stay with Lifepo4, a proven low cost product that has been tested and used overtime.


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