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Top 5 best RC transmitter under 100 dollars

A long time ago, I have shared one article about how to choose best transmitter for fpv quadcopter. There are 4 major factors should you consider before choosing a transmitter: the munber of channels, the appropriate mode,frequency and price.

The rc transmitter on the market generally function and parameters look very much the same but differentiated in price. Therefore if you looking for the best rc transmitter but the budget is not enough. For this reason, compare all the brands of transmitters and find out top 5 best rc transmitter under 100 that will be necessary. OK, let’s go.

Top 5 best RC transmitter under 100 dollars listing

Most of the transmitters I listed as below are under $50, but all of them are superior preformance for drone,fixed-wing,glider,helicopter and other rc models and worth buying.

TransmittersChannelsFrequenyModel typePrice
GoolRC FS-T662.4GHZDrone/fixed-wing


GoolRC FS-i662.4GHZDrone/fixed-wing


Flysky FS-T662.4GHZHelicopter/Airplane/Drone$
Futaba FUTJ25675MHzBoats/Cars/Trucks


GoolRC FS-CT6B62.4GHzAirplane,Heli,Drone$

#1 GoolRC FS-T6 Transmitter

I highly recommend this as a first-time transmitter, which is one of top line of five. Alots of RC hobby enthusiast would like to choose this one for their hobby parts. Three reasons for the choice as below,

  • 1. GoolRC is well known of Rc hobby and drone, which is reliable.
  • 2. GoolRC FS-T6 is one of the selling champin of RC transmitters under $100.
  • 3. It’s very cheap, only $49.99 but It even has the ability to store 20 models allowing the user to save a whole fleet of aircrafts.

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  • Channels: 6 Channels
  • Model Type: Glider/Heli/Airplane/Drone
  • RF Range: 2.40-2.48GHz
  • Bandwidth: 500Hz
  • Band: 160
  • RF Power: Less Than 20dBm
  • 2.4GHz System: AFHDS
  • Code Type: GFSK
  • Sensitivity: 1024
  • Low Voltage Warning: 9V
  • DSC Port: PS2; Output: PWM
  • Charger Port: Yes
  • Weight: 590g
  • ANT Length: 26mm
  • Size: 302x190x93mm
  • Certificate: CE, FCC


  • FlySky presents the new FS-T6 with loads of cool and convenient features making the operation of this transmitter simple and instinctive
  • The 6-channel FS-T6 is the perfect transmitter for sport modelers who want the power of a programmable transmitter but don’t necessarily need a lot of excess features they do not use.
  • has very low power consumption with high receiver sensitivity
  • It includes all of the important features and programmable parameters to support a variety of helicopters, gliders, drone and airplanes.
  1. It is very cheap, a good radio for the price.
  2. 20 models perfect for helicopter/drone enthusiast as it has a lot of helicopter functions.
  3. Binding to the receiver couldn’t be any easier.
  1. Poor hardware

#2 GoolRC FS-i6 Transmitter

GoolRC FS-i6 TransmitterSecond one, I would recommend the GoolRC FS-i6 Transmitter to you. The price only $51.88 included a receiver, that mean you not to need separately to purchase it again. Some one said this combo is easily worth over $200, but it sell only $51.88, therefore it’s worth the money. If you limit budget, this one is best for choice.

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  • Channels: 6
  • Model type: fixed-wing/glider/helicopter/drone
  • RF range: 2.405-2.475GHz
  • Bandwidth: 500KHz
  • Band: 142
  • RF power: less than 20dBm
  • 2.4G system: AFHDS 2A and AFHDS
  • Code type: GFSK
  • Sensitivity: 1024
  • Low voltage warning: less than 4.2V
  • DSC port: PS2; output: PPM
  • ANT length: 26mm * 2(dual antenna)
  • Display mode: Transflective STN positive type,
  • Size:174 * 89 * 190mm
  • Weight: 392g


  • Reliable, interference free 2.4GHz AFHDS2A signal operation.
  • Use only 4*AA batteries for transmitter.
  • Digital receiver system.
  • Quick and extremely stable in performance.
  • Simple binding procedure.
  1. Gimbals feel good
  2. Really nice grippy thumb-studs on the gimbals
  3. Backlit lcd
  4. included receiver
  5. compatibility with a great deal of flight sims.
  6. Size is smaller than comparable options.
  1. plastic feel (feels almost toy grade)
  2. limited range (park flyer)

#3 Flysky FS-T6 Transmitter

Flysky FS-T6 TransmitterAtomik RC is proud to introduce the FlySky FS-T6 2.4GHz 6 Channel Digital Transmitter and Receiver Radio System. It included a 6 channel receiver but sell only $47.52, I recommend this controller if you on a budget or worried about spending 250 on a controller.

Flysky FS-T6 Transmitter With many functions and features designed with the needs of the most experience pilots in mind, while still being easy to use, you are sure to be impressed with what the FS-T6 has to offer.

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  • Complete System Includes Transmitter and Receiver
  • 2.4Ghz Technology
  • Low Voltage Warning
  • 3.1 inch Backlit LCD Display
  • Ergonomic Design


  • Channels: 6 Channels.
  • RF Range: 2.40-2.48GHz.
  • Bandwidth: 500Hz.
  • Band: 160. RF
  • Power: Less Than 20dBm. 2.4GHz
  • System: AFHDS.
  • Code Type: GFSK.
  • Sensitivity: 1024. Low
  • Voltage Warning at Under 9 Volts.
  • DSC Port: PS2 – PPM Output.
  • Antenna Length: 26mm.
  • Radio: 2.4 GHz.
  • Display Type: Backlit
  • LCD. Length: 7.5 in (190.5mm).
  1. It comes with a 6 channel receiver.
  2. For the price it is definitely worth it.
  3. Awesome for the beginner.
  4. Programming is simple and quick.
  1. It is hard to set up the switches.
  2. Not compatible with the naze32 flight controller

#4 Futaba FUTJ25 Transmitter

Futaba FUTJ25 TransmitterHave you ever heard of the brand Futaba, now I recommend it for you . This is the Futaba 2DR 2 Stick 2 27MHz or 75MHz AM radio system with two S3003 Standard Servos. Ideal for boats, cars and trucks 27MHz or 75MHz and gliders on 27MHz (channels A1-A6 only).

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  • 1. Easy to use basic two-stick radio system Two channel servo reversing Steering and throttle trims LED battery status indicator.
  • 2. Excellent basic controller for vintage or just backyard fun.
  • 3.It works great for an rc car that only need 2 channels. It comes with 2 servos, a receiver, and a battery supply (4 AA)
  1. Futaba is a world famous brand.
  2. Professional radio for RC hobby.
  3. The radio showed up in perfect condition and works flawlessly.
  4. Great for the price
  1. Not include any servo mounting hardware

#5 GoolRC FS-CT6B Transmitter

GoolRC FS-CT6B TransmitterThe last recommend is GoolRC FS-CT6B Transmitter, Maybe this isn’t your top of the line Spektrum transmitter, but for $38.89 I’m definitely not complaining. The plastic feels a little cheap and it feels a little ridiculous without any weight from the batteries, but it does it’s job.

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  • It plugs into your computer allowing you to change endpoints, reverse servos, set mixes etc with included software on mini dvd.
  • 8 model memory, digital control, Full range 2.4GHz 6-channel radio.
  • Exceed RC has a great interface program which allows you to save and load different profiles to the transmitter.
  • Unlimited model memory stored on your computer, as many different setups as you like, loaded with the click of your mouse.


  • Transmitter/Receiver: 2.4GHz
  • Stick mode: Left Hand or Right Hand
  • Modulation: Frequency Modulation
  • Antenna length: 115cm/26mm
  • Code type: PPM/GFSK
  • Power: 12V DC
  • Certificate: CE FCC
  • RF power: Less Than 0.8w
  • Item weight: 575g
  • Item dimension: 180x220x70mm
  • 1 . There are a lot of good resources online.
  • 2 . Super active and passive anti-jamming capabilities.
  • 3 . Has adjustable dual rates.
  • 4 . Its light weight, its easy to hold it for a long time.
  • 1. No instructions.
  • 2. Had a difficult time binding it.

Make a conclusion

Before you choosing a RC transmitter, please make sure what your hobby is use for and how many flying modes you want, Then can know how many channels you need. With the normal rc hobby having about 4 to 9 channels.

Mostly, only need under 4 channels for beginners, more channels mean you can control more flying modes but need more fly experiences. In my opinion, 6 channels transmitter is enough in particular for beginners and normal pilots.

As the top 5 best rc transmitter under 100 dollars in the article above for various RC models such as quadcopters ,drones, FPV, helicopters, airplanes, boats, cars, fixed-wings and gliders etc. All of them are good value for money, to choose one transmitter from them is really tough.

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