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Small tips for your quadcopter li-po battery care

This article comes from Tattu, which is talking about some small tips for quadcopter li-po battery care, If you are pilot and have some quadcopter li-po batteries, here will tell you some small and easy tips about how to take care of li-po batteries. Thank you for Tattu and if you have some stories, Please send email to us.

Li-po battery have now been with us for many years and have become an essential part of this hobby. They weigh 10%- 20% less than the typical NiCd/NiHm battery and they store nearly 350% more energy. However, they can aslo be fully charged in about an hour. All of this electric goodness does not come without a cost. If not handled and utilized properly, Li-po batteries can quickly be damaged or even catch on fire. So I am writing this in an attempt to explain how to best maintain your quadcopter battery. And Of course, choosing a better li-po battery for your quadcopter is also essential in order to have maximum performance and life span. For me I’m now using Tattu for my quadcopter, however it’s safer and more powerful than what I’ve used anyway.

Let’s start with the basics of the quadcopter li-po battery care. First of all , your storage environment should be clean and dry. Keep them out of contact with any random metal objects and at safe, non-extreme temperatures. Or what you need to do is to make sure they are properly encased and sealed when in your quadcopter, preferably in a waterproof battery box, and then store it in a clean, dry place.

li-po battery care

Your quadcopter li-po battery must only be charged by specific chargers made to charge your quadcopter li-po battery.

Personally, I am using Tattu 10000mah 6s (http://www.genstattu.com), you might be using different brands of batteries, but the method’s the same. Taking battery out of your quadcopter before you charge your li-po battery. OF course, make sure your battery does not put near any flammable products or liquids when you are charging it.

A good li-po battery should be compatible with a good charger, you should use the specific charger to discharge your quadcopter li-po battery. It can help to stop discharging at a safe minimum charge level. As for my case, I have to find a good charger to match my Tattu 10000mah 6s battery. And I found PL8 works perfectly for my Tattu battery.

how to take care of li-po batteries

The other thing what you need to avoid is not to overcharge your quadcopter li-po battery. Generally speaking, the less that batteries are pushed to their max (that goes for charge and discharge), the more cycles they will provide.

These are basic tips for your quadcopter li-po battery care. Better battery safety and longer battery lifespans, which in turn gives you a healthier wallet!

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