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The most common quadcopter types – Diy quadcopter

There’s a few different quadcopter types in the market, which one is the most common and what should be considered when Buying or diy a quadcopter? If you want to know here you come the right place.

quadcopter typeWhat is quadcopter?

There are many types of multicopter, Most common motor configurations are Tricopter, Quadcopter, Hexecopter, Octocopter,Y6, X8, Helicopter, Monocopter,Bicopter,VTail etc. Today only quadcopter types will be introduced.

Nowadays quadcopters have become a more popular option. There’s a few different quadcopter types in the market. What is quadcopter? It was in the 1920’s when quadcopters were invented first. Quadcopters are aerial vehicles which stand out from standard helicopters due to the presence of 4, and not 2 rotors. The rotors of these copters are usually at an equal distance from each other. The rotors are generally used to generate control pitch and thrust. The quadcopter configuration is the most popular type and mechanically the simplest and easiest to understand.

Quadcopter types

There’s most common quadcopter types, each with different attributes.

  • Aerial cinematography: Big enough to lift a specific camera with tall landing gear.Such as DJI phantom 2/3/4, S1000 etc.
  • Sport & Social (racing, aerobatics, impressing your friends): Super light-weight and extremely stiff for crisp and responsive control.Such as QAV 400/500,FLIP FPV,TBS Discovery etc.
  • Sport FPV: Lots of mounting surfaces for extra electronics and action cameras.Such as Flip sport /DJI F450.
  • Mini drone: Very small and virtually indestructible.Such as Hubsan X4 ,Eachine H8 Mini ,syma x11 etc.
  • FPV quadcopter: Virtually indestructible with space to mount electronics and sometimes an action camera.Such as QAV250,250mm quad etc.
  • More professional uses such as package delivery, agriculture.
  • For research or personal robotics development.

quadcopter types

Consideration when Buying a quadcopter

When buying a quadcopter, you need to know:

The above is a basic introduction of some most popular quadcopter types. Beginner flyers, as a thumb rule, need to buy an RTF quadcopter as their first 4-rotor aerial vehicle. It needs to be light in weight and constructed mainly of plastic, which is livelier and easier to regulate. Kit-based copters usually need flyers to get hold of various specialized supplies and equipments. These are ideal for regular hobbyists as well as long-term flyers. If you just want a simple, cheap multicopter, quadcopter and tricopter might be a good idea.

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