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Tattu 30A 2-5S Blheli_s Firmware Dshot ESC Review

Tattu esc reviewGenstattu launch a new product Tattu 30a esc with Blheli_s firmware, but it’s hard to choose the best esc for quadcopter, therefore I will give some perspective on Tattu esc review.

I’m just going to be doing a pretty quick simple review on a product that was sent to me by a company that a lot of you guys know they are called Tattu, and their pretty cool ESC. So, yeah let’s get into it here we go, obviously it’s a ESC I haven’t seen these by the company yet I have only seen their batteries and they’re quite amazing. So hopefully do you stand up to the same quality. You open the package and first thing you see their nice pamphlet. It’s got a pretty simple basic explanation as to how the Tattu ESC works, what the beeps mean whenever you plug your lipo in. It’s so pretty good for any newbie out there.

tattu 30a esc

So alright there you go very nice packaging. There are30 amp 2-5s Blheli_s Dshot. They’re ready to go out of the box. I did open this one already have taken a peek, so again let’s take these out. The Component placement looks immaculate looks really good and there is a heat sink already installed 20 gauge wires and the signal and ground wires are not coated in plastic which is huge plus. I don’t understand why you see manufacturers even put out esc with that material, soldering irons get hot and plastic melts pretty easily, so silicone is nice.

Tattu blheli_s esc

Let’s look at the Tattu 30a esc that I’ve already opened up and get a nice closer look at what these look like. I haven’t seen any ESC like this I originally thought these were probably rebranded like most companies do. But Tattu actually engineered these from the ground up and, with the quality of their batteries, I’m pretty sure that these are going to be pretty amazing so here’s a closer look at the esc component placement and from looks of it.

Tattu 30A 2-5S Blheli_s firmware Dshot ESC Review

It’s pretty easy to see that quality standards were very high. Everything seems to be very well and straight soldering it looks great. Here’s a view at the top, everything looks nice so one thing that I also noticed is that the heat sink isn’t just sitting on there with some cheap heat transfer dielectric that can slit and possibly damage the components. Underneath this is on there with an adhesive high temp adhesive that’s going to prevent that from happening.

Another cool thing is there are solder pads for the motors which is great because it makes changing motors in the field really easy signal and ground wire and positive negative leads are spaced apart well enough to prevent you from accidentally. Soldering two paths together alright so there you go, pretty simple straight forward review. Just some first impressions on what we see as pilots nothing too in-depth so what I’m going to do is I’m going to throw them in a frame and we are going to how they fly.

Tattu esc review

Two quick after thoughts on the flight they absolutely deliver the Tattu esc is smooth they are absolutely amazing cut absolutely nothing bad to say about it. They’re smaller than most esc that are out there so perfect for four inch builds or what have you or whatever bills you want to throw these on but this what I flew just so you guys know I flew.

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