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Quadcopter frame sizes – which class series quadcopter will you make?

quadcopter frame sizes

Quadcopter frame is important component of quadcopter, There are a lots of quadcopter frame sizes and no thumb rule for size of the frame, but the most common is from 180 mm to 800 mm. Each quadcopter frame with different attributes is designed for different style quadcopter such as fpv / sport racing / cameras / mini etc. Size of …

Quadcopter uses in 10 ways and quadcopter future – Diy quadcopter

quadcopter use for Agriculture

Quadcopter uses? Quadcopter plays a more and more important role in every walk of life. From the scope of quadcopter uses can also be divided into different attributes and industry application. Quadcopter uses by different attributes Aerial photo: Big enough to lift a specific camera with tall landing gear.Aerial photos always seem to be breathtaking and different, as they show …

Quadcopter safety tips about how to reduce the risk of quadcopter?

quadcopter to fly

Some quadcopter businesses are beginning to look at opportunities to revolutionize how basic services and dangerous tasks might be performed in the future.Here are five Quadcopter safety tips about how to reduce the risk of quadcopter,Maybe helpful for you. The low-cost of buying and operating remotely piloted aircraft for commercial use has opened up a world of opportunity. With quadcopter …

Want to win 10000$ prizes? – Flight Bash 2016 FPV Multirotor Racing action

Flight Bash 2016

Fpv racing pilots welfare is coming, Tattu Championship Flight Bash 2016 will hold in Pataskala Ohio, From great factory and vendor sponsors,total cash payout for this event is $10,000.00 and have over $10,000 of product in prizes! What’s Flight Bash 2016 Flight Bash 2016 is a combination of extreme FPV Multirotor Racing action organized by Quad Racing Group Ohio and …

Where to start with the quadcopter frame dimensions for building your quadcopter

quadcopter frame dimensions

If you want to make a quadcopter by yourself but do not know where to start with the quadcopter frame dimensions,here will share with you about quadcopter frame knowledge,hope will help you. Where to start with the quadcopter frame dimensions Quadcopter frame dimensions are measured on the motor to motor distance, not the center to motor distance.where to start with …

How to balance props quadcopter via blade balancer

how to balance props quadcopter

If you buy or diy a quadcopter and start coming across the term balancing your quadcopter’s props or newer style props more and more frequently.How to balance props quadcopter you have to know,like the video posted at bottom of this post. The purpose of Balancing props A quadcopter with balances props will be noticeably smoother. If you plan to shoot …

What’s Advantages of Wingtra Switzerland drone?

Wingtra Switzerland

Wingtra Switzerland drone is a hot topic on the Internet this week,it can fly one hour and 64km,fly like and areplane and land like heli,it may seem miraculous .do you know what is it?and what’s the advantages of it and used for? Today this post will tell you them. What is Wingtra Switzerland drone? Wingtra Switzerland drone is a hot …

Brushless motor prop calculator for diy quadcopter

Brushless motor prop calculator

About brushless motor prop calculator for quadcopter, Generally you will get suggested prop value in brushless motor specification, motor and prop are very closely related. Here is some calculators about RPM & Thrust & load weight and a simple example of its applications are given, if you want to know please go ahead. Quadcopter RPM calculator RPM=KV * V For …

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