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Smart battery for your quadcopter and what is a smart battery

The multirotor is more and more popular nowadays thanks for the high-technology and affordable price with an easy control system. The most common multirotor is quadcopter, and a vital sparepart for your quadcopter is the battery, which support the quadcopter to work.We have showed you how to choose battery for your quadcopter, how to choose battery for quadcopterand this time, we are going to share a new higher-technology batteries for your quadcopter-Smart battery.

What is a smart battery? A smart battery is a rechargeable battery pack equipped with with a built-in battery management system. The smart battery can internally measure voltage and current, and deduce charge level and SoH (State of Health) parameters, indicating the state of the cells, calculated and predicted information to its SMBus Host under software control.

The new hexacopter M600 released by DJI is equipped with 6 smart batteries to support the big heavy device to work for more professional and high-end aerial photography and vedio making. And more earlily, the DJI M100 quadcopter has adopted smart batteries. Why smart battery is more and more widely used now? What are the benefits of these quadcopter smart batteries compared to the ordinary batteries?

what is a smart battery

The quadcopter smart batteries have the following advantages:

  • Provides the user with accurate state of charge information along with an accurate prediction of the remaining operating time;
  • Auto-balance inside when the voltage is different between the cells;
  • Provides state-of-charge and full charge capacity;
  • Reflects capacity estimations; records battery history; including cycle count, usage pattern, maintenance requirements, max error, etc;
  • Auto discharge in high temperature, under static or storage stateand;
  • Auto alarm fuction;
  • Configures charger to the correct algorithm;
  • Reminds user of periodic service;
  • Protects battery from unauthorized use;
  • Prevent accidental system cut-off;

This is why smart battery is more and more popular and widely used. And whether you need to choose smart batteries or not depends on yourself. If you want your quadcopter to make professional and quality photos and vedios, it’s advisable for you to choose them. But if you just treat them as entertainment, then you can choose ordinaly battery.

But there is no doubt that the smart battery is the new trend and era of battery area, not only for the quadcopter, or UAV, but also for other electronic area.

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