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SFPV (Micro small FPV) and how to choose it?

SFPV, also known as Micro small FPV, often it is defined one type of FPV but small size below 80mm even more small. It like as FPV can freestyle / crossing / event / take videos etc. SFPV is very flexible and light weight but less flight times than FPV.

Why is SFPV so popular?

Most commonly it is used to pilot who as a beginner and learn how to fly drone.SFPV is very cheap, you can save a lots of money for your practice session, because it’s very easy crashing. In winter,SFPV will become more and more popular, because it can fly indoor and have a lots of funny for crossing a range of furniture, can give you more motivation and success. Can say that people who have own FPV OR drone must have a or many SFPV.

sfpvWhat is the difference between SFPV and popular platforms drone?

Popular platforms drones such as DJI / Yuneec / Iris etc. everyone can easily get started with them. SFPV are smaller, of course, but the biggest difference is they have been designed for speed and work. SFPV is slower than these bigger drone, SFPV is very light can not fly in the strong wind and often fly in indoor for funny, and DJI phantom are most commonly used as taking videos and photos etc.

How to choose SFPV?

Brand and buy

There are so many SFPV brands such as Hubsan, Eachine, syma, Cheerson, Blade, JJRC, TEC.BEAN, Holy, Quadpro, GoolRC etc. All of them are popular on rc hobby market.You can shop them from Ebay and big business platform or select them from Best quadcopter stores.


SFPV all of them are very cheap under $100, almost are under $50 even more. A lot of enthusiasts of drones have several SFPV at home.It will be replaced early when it was damaged. Because of price,More generally, most people prefer buying to building by yourself.

sfpv and fpvSFPV Equipment Geting Started

The sparrow may be small, fully-equipped. So will be the SFPV. Although it very cheap, As a beginner, you can try to build it for more experiences.

Make sure the motors you choose are the correct size and KV for the aircraft. Too big / small or too high / low of a KV can be very inefficient. Take a look at what others are running on a similar setup. A quadcopter doesn’t need high revving motors as there are 4 propellers providing thrust and high revving motors require more battery power.Generally you just choose a motor that matches the given prop. Having a motor that is too large will be heavy, and a motor that is too small will perform poorly or burn up. More infomations clike here How to choose motor for quadcopter .

Make sure your ESCs are rated for enough amperage as well as voltage. If you are running 4s, make sure your ESC can handle that voltage and amperage. A larger prop will have more thrust, but also require more amps.Whichever ESC you choose make sure it has programing facility (throttle range, battery mode etc). Go with quality ESCs check user reviews.More infomations clike here How to choose esc for quadcopter and rc plane

For these fast mini races a high C rated battery is important. The higher the C rating means the battery can discharge more energy faster. Also, size is important. Too big will weigh down the quad and make it feel very sluggish, too little will not have long enough flight times. More infomations clike here Three steps tell you how to Choose the longest flight time battery for quadcopter.

Flight Controller
The Naze32 and CC3D board are currently the two most popular flight controllers for minis. They have a large, supportive community behind each, and the software is constantly updated. For the beginnner, I suggest you to choose open source flight controller board above list,and the price is less than $50 even $20, many beginners choose OpenPilot CC3D or kk2. More infomations clike here How to choose best flight controller for quadcopter

sfp min

Radio and Receiver
You will want a radio with at least 5 channels, and having more is nice for added functionality. 2.4GHz digital radios are the best all around and give good range of up to 1km away in most cases. The FrSky Taranis is one of our most popular advanced radios and at a great price.

While flying minis, you will break a ton of propellers, so this is one area where having lots of spares is important. The size and the pitch of the propeller – prop – is important when it comes to your setup. Most people start with a 5*3” prop and eventually move up to a more aggressive and powerful prop like 5*4 or 6*4.5. Lower kV motor can deal with bigger prop. With increasing kV value size of prop will be decreased. So you will have to keep this in mind. For quadcopter you should go with low pitch prop if you need more stability and less vibrations.More infomations clike here How to choose the best propeller for quadcopter

Conclusion for SFPV

By the way,something to bear in your mind , SFPV is not a toy, it can still go very fast and power with propellers, for that reason, they can be dangerous , so be sure make these safety. It’s getting colder, winter in coming on. Do you have some SFPV? if not have , have to plan to shop or build one, with it you will be find funny indoor in this winter.

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