Quadcopter Wiring Diagram Guide

drone wiring diagramIf you making a quadcopter at home and have to bought a lot of parts including motors, props, flight controller, battery, camera, receiver, gogggles, transmitter etc. But do not know how to connect them and looking for help. You are coming the right place, here were collectedquadcopter wiring diagram, may these drone wiring diagram guide can help you making a few of your own quadcopter a bit easier and you don’t need to ask someone or search over forums or blogs to troubleshoot your issue.

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FPV quadcopter wiring diagram

Quadcopter wiring diagram

Sample drone wiring diagram, this image is fromdroneflyers.com, Thank you.

Check above diagram, which show you a sample fpv quadcopter and some parts: transmitter, receiver, flight controller, FPV camera, FPV transmitter and antenna, FPV receiver and monitor or goggles.

Therefore, you have to frist solve the problem of what do you need for build a FPV drone? Below listed are the basic component of drone that you should purchase them before building it.

  1. Frame * 1
  2. Flight controller * 1
  3. Receiver * 1
  4. Rransmitter * 1
  5. Antenna * 1
  6. Transmitter * 1
  7. Camera * 1
  8. Goggles or monitor * 1
  9. Battery * 1
  10. ESC * 4
  11. Motors * 4
  12. Propellers * 4
  13. Others: charger / straps etc.

All the components are correlated and supplemented with each other to constitute an perfect drone, therefore it’s very important that how to choose the right parts, if you have not purchased them, can click this link ( WHAT IS THE BEST PRODUCT ? ) to check out the best products which we highly recommend to you.

After you prepared everything, how to connect the quadcopter wiring? go ahead please.

DRONE BUILDING GUIDE – Our Experiences On Here

FPV quadcopter Wiring diagram basic

Quadcopter Wiring Diagram

Drone wiring diagram detail

As you see above the base of drone Wiring diagram, there are so many components are need to connected with each others.

How to?

We can split the base drone wiring diagram into multiple parts as below:

  1. Flight controller connection wiring diagram
  2. OSD and Transmitter and camera and battery wiring diagram
  3. Propeller rotation diagram
  4. ESC and motor connection

OK, Let’s go the step by step process for below setting goals.

#1 Flight controller Naze32 connection diagram

Naze32 Connection Diagram

Flight controlleris most important one, I regard the flight controller as a brain which will stop flying when its components fail. Above as example is Naze 32 Revision 6 Flight Controller connection diagram.

The diagram above shows a fairly common setup on a FPV racing quadcopter using a CPPM receiver, optional GPS module, and an RGB LED bar.

#2 Micro OSD drone wiring diagram

Micro minimosd wiring connection diagram

The diagram above shows how you set up the entire system. There are several different options for how to do this, but we decided on the above in this case. We therefore connected the voltage, signal and ground cables from the camera to the transmitter, and also connected a balance lead connector in order to power the system.

#3 Quadcopter prop rotation diagram

quadcopter prop rotation diagram

This section is a relatively simple parts of drone, just follow it.

#4 ESC and motor connection diagram

pdb esc connect

Connect ESC Deans connectors to Power Distribution Board Deans connectors. Connect three-wire cables from the ESCs to the PDB signal pins according to motor number. Connect the ESC for motor 1 to the PDB pins marked M1, motor 6’s ESC to the pins marked M6, etc.

esc motor connect

This is an example about Esc and motor connect diagram, which is very detailed to show you that how to connect them.

All the quadcopter wiring diagrams were collected from internet. If have any questions about drone wiring diagram, please contact us. Thank you!

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