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Quadcopter uses in 10 ways and quadcopter future – Diy quadcopter

Quadcopter uses?

Quadcopter plays a more and more important role in every walk of life. From the scope of quadcopter uses can also be divided into different attributes and industry application.

Quadcopter uses by different attributes

Quadcopter uses by different attributes

  • Aerial photo: Big enough to lift a specific camera with tall landing gear.Aerial photos always seem to be breathtaking and different, as they show all the objects on earth from a new perspective.Such as DJI phantom 2/3/4, S1000 etc.
  • Sport & Social : Super light-weight and extremely stiff for crisp and responsive control.Such as QAV 400/500,FLIP FPV,TBS Discovery etc.
  • Sport quadcopter: Lots of mounting surfaces for extra electronics and action cameras.Such as Flip sport /DJI F450.
  • Mini quadcopter: Just for fun and there are Very small and virtually indestructible.Such as Hubsan X4 ,Eachine H8 Mini ,syma x11 etc.
  • FPV quadcopter: Virtually indestructible with space to mount electronics and sometimes an action camera, much more enjoyable and more funny .Such as QAV250,250mm quadcopter etc and the rise in popularity of diy quadcopter. Self-thinking DIY, full of contrast, which is a positive passion for the pursuit of life.

These quadcopter uses are as well as more unusual sports, such as polo and power boating. we are gradually entertainment knowledge, familiarity and acceptance of, or even addicted to it. Besides providing happiness, hobbies can help a person’s mental and physical health.

Quadcopter uses by industry application

quadcopter usesIndustry

Compared with manual inspection, quadcopter inspection is not only fast, but also can adapt to the complex landform and special climate, and any change position or designated hover, to provide a different point of view of data.

Quadcopter fuselage lightweight, long battery life and large load capacity, strong wind resistance, convenient in the mountains, ravines terrain of the work tasks, such as power transmission line inspection inspection with high efficiency, is several times of artificial inspection efficiency.

The main quadcopter uses brands are Microdrones, Novadem, Aeroseeker, Airrobot etc.


quadcopter use for AgricultureQuadcopter in the field of agricultural spraying application main advantages: spraying uniformity, low-flying, flexible operation. DJI MG-1 is very famous can give full play to its maneuverability, effectively replace human operation, but it is X8 copter. Additionally, preventatives of various businesses are trying to use the said technology with the aim of automation and increased efficiency. For example, agricultural companies use them for monitoring and applying needed substances to the crops.


Compared with the traditional means of surveying and mapping, quadcopter uses for surveying and mapping with its characteristics such as flexible, play an important role in the field of land surveying and mapping. Through rapid access to the quadcopter data of surveying and mapping, able to quickly master the details of test area, is applied to the dynamic monitoring and investigation of land and resources, land use and cover map update, land use dynamic change monitoring, information analysis, etc. The main brands are Microdrones, Aeryon, Trimble, Questuav, Marcusuav etc. Generally these quadcopter flight time about 30 minutes to satisfy working.

Logistics and Transport

This application will become more and more popular.

Security and rescue

quadcopter use for Security and rescueIn the search and rescue services, fire department, police and other rescue agencies field quadcopter user is becoming more and more common.Its advantage is obvious, through remote image transmission, fast the flexibility to provide real-time, targeted to take action. The main brands are Draganfly, Aeryon, Zala aero etc.


The use of quadcopter carrying thermal imaging cameras, adjust the Angle of the camera, flying over the solar panels, induced by heat source to identify whether or not the solar panels work properly. Such as Skycatch product.

All of above informations can be download, please click here Quadcopter applications pdf.

Quadcopter uses of future

At first quadcopters looked like a futuristic toy, to which we all gradually got used to. But large corporations are planning on utilizing quadcopter for their needs . One of the biggest shopping stores in the world is planning to use small quadcopters for delivering products to their clients.
And quadcopter uses for effective weapon in present and future warfare, and many countries in the world are attempting to strengthen its performance and combat capability.

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