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Quadcopter recommended battery brands for selection

In order to increase flight times and more power for your quadcopter, you have to choose the right lipo battery, what’s the best battery brand? Here are some Quadcopter recommended battery brands for your selection.

Lipo battery is one important part of quadcopter system, if you want to diy one quadcopter, have to choose the best lipo battery for it.

A quality lipo battery will increase quadcopter flight times and more charge/discharge cycles, if you do not know how to select, please read my posted how to choose battery for quadcopter. Telled you three steps how to do, but another questions is that which lipo battery brand should I select?

Today this post will introduce our quadcopter recommended battery brands based on our and pilot’s experience.

Quadcopter recommended battery

#1 Gens ace & Tattu lipo battery

Tattu are one of the top LiPo battery manufacturers from China around in terms of performance and quality in general.

Tattu designed a new battery with an unbeatable quality. It offers premium power for high quality quadcopter applications.

All TATTU batteries have passed the UN 38.3 battery test which is the highest quality standard test for lithium polymer batteries, something that most other manufacturers don’t test.

Tattu’s cell chemistry is especially developed for UAV demands like: Energy/IR/Safety.

Some pilots maybe said these batteries are abit more expensive that other brands, but they are worth paying abit more for, especially if you are carrying expensive equipment on your quadcopter.

#2 Turnigy & Multistar & hobbyking

Hobbyking is a trafficker not a manufacturers,any product sourced in China.

Hobbyking sell a huge selection of RC products and quadcopters, Turnigy are very popular because they offer great performance for very low prices.

I have used many of these batteries and although they do work very we however these batteries are great value for money for hobby drone builds.

However these batteries dont seem to hold out as well as gens ace & Tattu in terms of charging/discharging cycle life(Gens ace cycle life up to 500 times).

Gensace & Tattu lipo packs are known to perform better than Turnigy which have fallen a bit behind in tech.

lipo battery cell high voltag

#3 Ready MadeRC lipo battery

RMRC has a wide range of LiPo batteries in various cell counts, discharge rates, and milliamp hours.

Battery accessories such as Velcro straps and LED voltage testers are also available. but ReadyMadeRc is a small company which employees less than ten and less professional than Tattu.

I do not suggest you buy the cheaper battery which are writed on paper in terms of specifications, it is too cheaper to be practical, less cycle life, reduce flight times, less power.

However if you are are after some professional level batteries I can highly recommend the GensAce &TATTU series of Lipos.

What’s more,if you have any quadcopter recommended battery experiences, Tell us your story about them, that’s welcome!

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