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Quadcopter one motor slower than other 3 motors solution

It’s inevitable for people to encounter various difficulties and yield sense of frustration in flying quadcopter. some are sample some are complex, such as many peoples run up against this problems: quadcopter one motor slower than other 3 motors,when the APM and test.It’s difficult to solve.but you maybe solve it when you finish reading this article.

Phenomenons of quadcopter one motor slower

  • when armed, the motors do not spin up slowly.
  • When i calibrate the ESC’s in automatic mode, all spin with same speed and work fine, but when i arm the APM and test, motor 4 speed slower.
  • when throttle is applied, motors 2 and 3 spin up in unison, motor 1 lags slightly and motor 4 starts up only when more power is applied and then lags the other 3 motors.
  • When I arm the motors, they all seem to idle correctly, but when I then throttle up, one motor won’t speed up until I hit 3/4 throttle, and then it will slowly lose speed until it is idling again.
  • When I power up the motors, they all start to spin. However, eventually, motor 1 will slow and come to a stop. When I bring the throttle back down to idle and try again, motor 1 starts spinning but then it slows and stops again.

quadcopter one motor slower

Solutions for quadcopter one motor slower from some pilots

One way:

Have you calibrated your ESCs? If not, then please follow these steps:
1. Props off
2. Radio on
3. Throttle stick to full
4. Plug in APM
5. Wait a few seconds
6. Unplug APM
7. Plug in APM
8. Wait for ESCs to beep
9. Throttle stick to zero, should hear all ESCs beep
10. Unplug APM

That should calibrate the min and max throttle on each ESC. They can still have variation due to temp etc. If it is bothering you, increase MOT_SPIN_ARMED until it goes away.

Two way:

First,try hooking up only that ESC directly to the throttle channel of your receiver, and spool it up, see what happens.if it can not work,you have tried changing out the quadcopter motors and then so test it.

Second,have hooked up the esc straight to the receiver and it works just fine. got it cleaned and lubricated,and Try adjusting your minimum throttle setting on the kk board to greater than 10.

One pilot said “I believe I have found a solution, however. Because all of my electronics are functioning, I messed with every setting on the kk board until I got a good result. By default, the minimum throttle setting on the kk board is 10%. As soon as I bumped it up to 11% and powered up the motors, motor 1 never slowed and stopped.”


Quadcopter one motor slower than other 3 motors,The complexity of the issue maybe does not stop there.With all things, this question also is to want specific issue concrete analysis, without universally applicable skill.If anyone have encountered this type of problem and has solution, please share in comments.

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