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Quadcopter motor types – Diy quadcopter

As we know, motor is one very important part of quadcopter,but do you know your quadcopter motor types? AC motors or DC motors? and why? Here will tell you what’s your quadcopter motor type and why use this type.

What are the types of motor?

There are so many different types of motors, AC (alternating-current) motors and DC (direct-current) motors depending in the input type, and each type is further subdivided into different kinds.

Quadcopter motor typesDC motor

1.shunt motor

2.Separately Excited motor

3.Series Motor

4.Permanent Magnet DC (PMDC)

5.Compounded motor

AC motor

1.Induction motor


Other Motors

1.Stepper motor

2.Brushless DC motor

3.Hysteresis motor

4.Reluctance motor

5-Universal motor

What type of motors do quadcopters use?

Brushless motors are typically 85–90% efficient or more, higher efficiencies for a brushless electric motor, of up to 96.5%, whereas DC motors with brushgear are typically 75–80% efficient.

Brushless DC motors are commonly used where precise speed control is necessary.

So Every quadcopter or multicopter would use Brushless DC motors.

Why quadcopter use brushless DC motors?

Brushless DC motors are great for several reasons:

    • They have very high power density (in terms of size and weight)

They’re incredibly efficient so they generate very little heat,no wear or contact items (such as brushes) and can spin incredibly fast.

    • It’s very easy to control their speed precisely and adjust it quickly

Power density is incredibly important because on anything that’s flying you want to do everything you can to minimize weight.

Having precise and quick adjustments allows you to use the speed of the motors to control the aircraft very well as opposed to a turbine engine, which takes some time to spool up or down (in which case other control surfaces are used to fly the aircraft).

    • They’re inexpensive to manufacture

Nobody complains when components are inexpensive.

  • Mostly are brushless electric motors with power ratings varying accordingly to size and weight of the design

Base on above quadcopter motor types, To help you finding the right quadcopter motors,I have prepared a thorough and extensive 250 quadcopter motor comparison chart for you. Read more

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