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Quadcopter motor sizes and selection for diy your quadcopter

If you build a quadcopter but don’t have any idea about quadcopter motor sizes selection. You come to the right place, quadcopter motor sizes how to classified and how to choose them, Today will tell you.

Quadcopter motor sizes

It is most commonly classified according to its stator diameter size in the range of 21mm to 45mm abouve or smaller , as below.

Quadcopter motor sizes by stator diameter
Stator Diameter
21mm smaller
21 to 27mm
28 to 34mm
35 to 44mm
45mm and above

quadcopter motor sizesDetermining thrust and carrying weight are frist things to consider when choosing a motor, Brushless outrunner motors are rated in KV per RPM (kV = RPM/V) which is usually specified as just KV.

If you have 600kV motor and 3S battery to supply power, RPM of of motor at NO LOAD would be

600 x 11.1(3S battery) = 6660 RPM.

Another way, quadcopter motor sizes are classified according to its weight and KV value by experienced pilots (see chart). It mean that your quadcopter load about 1kg weight can use a motor in the range of 700-900kv, load 500g-1kg have to choose in the range of 900-1300kv, load about 500g have to choose in the range of 1300 – 2200kv. Less KV can carry more.

Quadcopter motor sizes by KV
500g – 1kg

How to choose the best quadcopter motor

Quadcopter motor sizes and selectionA long time ago, I had posted a article about how to choose motor for quadcopter 2016 , which told you that some factors should be considered including information on the RPM, thrust and power. Quote: If the thrust provided by the brushless motors are too little, the quadcopter will not respond well to your control, even has difficulties to take off. But if the thrust is too much, the quadcopter might become too agile and hard to control. How to choose? please read the original essay.

Most popular and best motor

Conclusion for quadcopter motor

After choosing quadcopter motors, you have to balence props. Lower kV motor can deal with bigger prop. With increasing kV value size of prop will be decreased. If you still do not know choose the right quadcopter motor sizes, you should read my old post by clicking the above link. Have any question please leave your comments on here.

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