Quadcopter Budget Buying Guide

Getting into Quadcopter Flying needn’t be an expensive undertaking. There are plenty of Low Priced Quadcopter models that are great learning tools and will allow anyone to experience the joy of flying remote controlled Quadcopters without having to break the bank.

With a ridiculously low entry point of around $20 there is no reason in the World why you shouldn’t give Quadcopter flying a try.

It is an extremely great way of spending some of you leisure time that will also teach you skills that you may have never thought of. Quadcopter Drones were a buzzword throughout 2014 and this prompted the rapid increase in sales of Toy and Hobby Grade RC Quadcopter Drones.

The tiny Nano Class Quadcopter was one of the hottest gifts at Christmas 2014 with sales of the Cheerson CX-10 and the more recent CX-10A (the new headless mode version) reaching unprecedented levels. Almost every week new Quadcopters are announced with upgraded flight controls boards programmed with the latest Hi-Tech flying capabilities. Nano, Micro or Mid-Sized Quadcopters for Sale.

Quadcopter Budget Buying Guide

Choosing the Right Quadcopter Model for You

If you are a complete novice to this fun rewarding pastime and are uncertain of which Quadcopter to buy then this Drone Flyers Quadcopter Beginners Guide will help you get started.

Quadcopter Budget Buys Starting Point

The Drone Flyers Team often get asked by friends and family to suggest a suitable entry point model so they can see if Quadcopter flying is something they would enjoy. We have talked about this in detail and had along hard look at all the models that are available and the conclusion that we always reached buy a Cheerson-CX10 at $15.99 or the latest version the CX-10A at $18.99 from Banggood. There are simply no better Quadcopter models than these to get started with. Both will be perfect tools to learn your flying skills and the CX-10A the latest version will teach you headless flying. We often lend out Nano Quadcopters to friends and family to help them get started and they have all had great fun with them.

Cheerson CX-10 Quadcopter with Guard

Get one of these tiny Nano Quadcopters and practice all you can. Read the manual a number of times, charge it up via the supplied USB battery charger pop some batteries into the RC Transmitter and you are good to go. Just practice lifting it up in the air and landing it back down again gently teasing the left stick up and down. Once you have mastered this lift the Quadcopter slowly up in the air and use the right stick to take it forward and backwards. Try and keep the Quadcopter at a level height and again don’t jerk on the sticks just gentle movements. You don’t get a long flying time with these Nano Quadcopters just practice for 3 minutes 30 seconds (a timer is useful) then re-charge the batteries. I may seem difficult at first but have patience and always fly low and fly slow when starting.

Cheerson CX-10

The beauty about the Nano Quadcopters is that they can be flown almost anywhere indoors and outdoors if the weather conditions are favourable. Once you have perfected taking off and landing, flying forward and backwards you can then practice turning the direction the Quadcopter is facing by gently moving the left stick to the left of right. The speed in which the Quadcopter changes is known as the ‘Yaw’ rate and this can vary considerably from Quadcopter to Quadcopter. At this junction we would like to emphasise you must always fly with safety in mind. Don’t attempt to fly these Nano Quadcopters around pets and persons. We suggest for both of the models you invest in a protector guard. There are others available but the team at Drone Flyers highly recommend this one. It will protect the Quadcopter from any damage it is a must for Quadcopter beginners on a budget. You may consider getting spare batteries for your Nano Quadcopter but unless you have soldering skills we don’t recommend you should bother with this option for the Nano Quadcopter class. This Nano Quadcopters are also capable of performing amazing flips (not recommended until you are 100% confident in your flying capabilities) and have led light fitted which are great for a spot of night flying when you are ready.

After a week or so you will have cracked it and then may want to move up to a slightly larger Micro Quadcopter. As of the 30-12-2014 there is no better model in our opinion than the JJRC H6C RC Quadcopter it is simply a superb example of this class and is available at only $43.99. This model is a Drone Flyers Team favorite. You will get all you need to advanced you flying skills (a protector guard comes as standard) and try out aerial photography first hand. The JJRC H6C comes with a built in 2 mega pixel camera a micro SD card and an excellent Remote Control Quadcopter Transmitter. For this model Drone Flyers recommend you purchase spare batteries flying these types of Quadcopters is addictive and you will want to fly as much as you can. Get some of these spare Quadcopter batteries. Always let the motors cool down between flying sessions and you are guaranteed hours of flying fun with the JJRC H6C Quadcopter.

Remote Control Micro Quadcopter with Camera

If you have followed our Quadcopter Flying on a Budget advice you will now own two of the finest RC Quadcopters ever produced. You will have spent approximate $80 on two fabulous flying machines that will give you hours of enjoyment. You will never get tired of flying the Cheerson CX-10 models or the JJRC H6C Quadcopter but you may wish to move on up to a larger Quadcopter. Best in Class in this range of low priced budget Quadcopters is another model from JJRC the H8C Quadcopter. The JJRC H8C is just one great Quadcopter Kit that retails at under $55.

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