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Do You Need Drone Landing Pads?

A drone pad is a small accessory that most drone pilots must worry about. However, this is an accessory that ensures that your drone lands and takes off safely. Besides, it ensures that your drone’s lens remains clean for better filming. Remember, you need suitable drone pads for effective performance.

Learn more about the importance of drone pads in this article.

Drone pad: What is it?

Drone landing pads

Drone landing pads offer drones a clean, even landing and take-off surface. Usually, a drone’s rotor wash creates dust clouds and debris from dusty, rocky, or gravelly surfaces. The dust can be detrimental to the operation of the drone.

Your drones enemies are:

  • Debris
  • Mud
  • Tall grass
  • Water
  • Dust
  • Tree branches
  • Fine soil particles

Drone launch pads prevent the generation of such clouds. Considering that most modern drones are folding and have very short legs, having a drone launchpad can be very helpful. Therefore, drone landing pads offer a solution for rough surfaces.

Here are the benefits of launchpads in detail:

Drone Launchpad prevents damage to the camera and lens/filter


A drone landing pad offers protection to your drone’s camera. Cameras are expensive, and without a proper landing or take-off surface, they can easily get destroyed. The replacement cost can spiral out of control.

The right landing pad offers you a solid area to land on and launch your drone. Such a surface is a guarantee that nothing will scratch your camera. Dirt and dust particles on lenses and filters lead to inferior results.

When the launch/landing surface wet concrete leaves or grass, it sprays on the filters, lenses, and other drone parts when it comes in contact with the rotor wash. If most of your drone flights are about photography and video shooting, protecting your camera should be a top priority.

Protecting your drone’s motors


Motors power the drone, and if any foreign materials invade the motor, it might derail its performance. Most technicians at drone repair service shops report that some customers have had drone failures resulting from the motor drawing in fine sand. The presence of sand and other abrasive materials causes stalling of the motor during flight, hence causing crashes.

Each drone motor has air intake valves, which allow air to cool the motor. The motor draws in dust, mud, flying grass, water, and sand through these air inlets.

Drone landing pad saves the propellers.


Drone accidents do occur due to blocked propellers. Such accidents can severely damage your drone. The blocking within the propellers/drone blades results from entering foreign bodies such as:

  1. Rocks
  2. Grass
  3. Dust
  4. Mud

These foreign materials block the propellers; thus, stalling the drone.A drone pad minimizes the amount of dust and debris around the drone.

Also, a drone launchpad prevents the propellers from striking the grass and branches while landing. Before laying down the landing pad, you will cut branches and cover the grass. Remember, damaged propellers will need replacements.

Return-to-Home (RTH) feature is put to use


Advanced drones use GPS technology, making it easier to land at the right places. Precisely, GPS technology makes it possible for drone pilots to use the Return-to-Home (RTH) feature. The feature allows drone pilots to direct a drone to return to where launching occurred.

When a drone takes off, it receives a GPS signal, and it sets its current position as the home point. This allows you to easily and quickly land a drone in an unavoidable circumstance. Usually, the drone flies back directly to the Home Point.

Most drones use cameras to locate the Home Point. Therefore, using a drone landing pad that stands out from the surrounding area helps the drone recognize it and land safely.

A drone pad for improving your landing or take-off skills


The most demanding phase when using drones is drone take-off and landing. Poor skills usually result in losses and accidents.

A drone pad is essential for training purposes. A standout or reflective pad provides an easy target for landing. As such, you can use it to better your take-off and landing skills. Most first-timers or drone pilots who want to fly drones professionally should use drone pads to better their skills.

Also, drone launch pads can help you assess whether you need to recalibrate your drone. You need a well-calibrated drone for a balanced flight.


A flying drone is both exciting and productive. You can put your drone to several uses especially capturing aerial photos and videos. When using drones for commercial purposes, ensure that the entire operation is safe and reliable, regardless of your experience.

While a fully charged battery and microSD are essential, you need to determine the ideal take-off and landing stage. A successful drone flight depends on perfect terrain. Thus, landing and launching points must be free of barriers, debris, dirt, dust, and tall grass or tree branches.

You can only get such a surface when using suitable drone landing pads.


A drone pad is a must-have accessory for any drone owner. It offers a safer and cleaner landing surface, thus ensuring your drone flight’s success. Learn more in this article.

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