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Nano Drone Review Cheerson CX-10

Cheerson CX-10 Anyone receiving one of these fabulous flying machines will not be disappointed.We are grateful to Skir with this green board version in the orange color for review purposes it is simple exceptional. We have had some great flying fun with this model.

We lent this excellent example of Nano Drone Technology to a young 9 year old Drone Flyer for review purposes. He had flown a Remote Control helicopter previously but had zero experience of flying Drones or Quadcopters. He mastered the controls as did his Dad and his six year old brother, we hope you enjoy reading this young flyer Drone review. Our Young Drone Flyer reviewer had previously flown a Remote Control Helicopter but had never flown a Quadcopter or Drone. Read on the see how he got on with it.

Nano Drone Review from a Young Flyer

I found the instructions in the Drone manual easy to follow and understand and liked the diagrams to show you what to do. I mostly looked at the diagrams rather than reading all the instructions to fly it. There are a lot of pages in the instructions so I didn’t read them all as I prefer to try it out. It may be a little easier to have a small quick guide for the Nano Drone Once I read the instructions with my dad I found it easy to setup the Nano Drone before starting to fly. I only used the Nano Quadcopter Drone indoors, not outdoors. I tried about 5 times before I could fly the Cheerson CX-10 Nano.

Cheerson CX-10 REVIEWS

First Drone Flight It was quite tricky to control it to start with until I got used to using the controller to guide the Drone about. The controller is small and easy to hold in your hands and the joysticks are smooth and easy to use. When the Drone crashes before picking it up always put the remote down first – so if you accidently knocked the on button you wouldn’t hurt your fingers. I always tried to remember to do this after crashing to make sure it was safe to pick it up. Sometimes I forgot to put the controller down straight away after it crashes and it moves around before stopping. I never hurt myself.

Flipping the Drone I tried to take the Cheerson Nano Drone to eye height or above before trying to flip. If I didn’t do this I normally crashed as it was too low to the ground. When flipping the quad copter it goes up slightly before flipping. After flipping I tried to control the Drone but it goes all wobbly and I’m unable to control it. I tried a few times but still couldn’t control it. I find it hard to try and keep it steady at the same height, even though I wasn’t touching the joysticks. It was really easy to land the Nano Quadcopter because it is quite bouncy so when you move the joystick fully down it will go down quite quickly then bounce slowly before it lands. I have a rug and when the Quadcopter lands hard on the rug a blade popped out. Sometimes when you try and lift it off the rug the blade gets stuck. This didn’t happen if it crashed on the floor.

Drone Battery I don’t think the battery lasts very long, about 5 minutes and needs to be charged lots and takes 15 minutes to charge. I thought this was annoying but I would play with another Quadcopter the DFD Micro Drone so I didn’t get bored. It would be better if it lasted the same amount of time that you charge it. So if you charge it for 30 minutes it would last for 30 minutes. I think it would make a great gift for somebody over 6 years old because my brother is 6 and he could fly it. The small one is my favourite because you can control it easier and I got used to using the controller to flip. I had lots of fun playing with the Cheerson CX-10 and I would buy this one.

Many Thanks for a Great Nano Drone Review

Drone Flyers would like to thank our Young Drone Flyer, Mum and Dad for encouraging him to review the Cheerson CX-10 Nano Drone and our Young Drone Flyers brother for demonstrating how children of a very young age when supervised can experience the joy of flying these fun unmanned aerial vehicles. We will post our Young Drone Flyers review of the DFD Micro Drone in the next few days. Thanks for reading, come back soon you are always welcome.

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