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Most popular and best quadcopter props for FPV Racing

We seek best quadcopter props base on motor thrust for QAV250 or ZMR250 200 280 Mini Fpv racing quadcopter etc. Before you reading this post, Maybe this post will help you prioritize your goals and determine which to go after first. How to choose the best propeller for quadcopter? Tell you some experience tips of choosing props.

Gemfan 5030 Quadcopter Propellers

Gemfan 5×3 5030 Propellers CW/CCW For ZMR250 QAV250 Mini Quadcopter
Item name: 5030 propellers
Color: Black, green, orange
Usage: For FPV mini quadcopters
Package included:
12 x CW propeller
12 x CCW propelle
1 x RC Battery Strap

I bought these for use on my Flying 3D X6 quadcopter; they provide good lift, very light and well balanced.

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These propellers are great, when i crash, they often just bend, i unbend them and fly next. they are also very powerful.best quadcopter props

I really like the GEMFAN props. They are easier to balance than some of the others. Less material added or taken off. Buy them on sale and you dont sweat the breakage.

Very good deilivery and good price. I Stay with it because the good prices and good delivery. I am very pleased with them and good material.

I just wanted some cheap prop to get started in the RC flying world. The have proven tougher than I thought. I have hit the ground, trees and branches and only damaging a few. None actually broke in peaces.

Gemfan 5040 Black Propellers

4 Pairs Gemfan 5040 Propellers For Mini Quadcopter 210-300mm Frame Kit
Length: 5″
Pitch: 4″
Material: Carbon Nylon
Usage: For 210 – 300mm Frame Kit, mini quadcopter, multirotor.
Package included:
4 x CW Propeller
4 x CCW Propelle

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Best propeller, stable, lightweight and efficient, but carefully, there are fragile. However, and this is a quality, not hurt the motor shaft to collapse.

I was surprised with the quality, it’s very nice feel when you hold it. It’s more on the stiffer side than other GF 5040 I’ve seen, but lite enough. It’s well balanced too. I like these blades and recommend anyone building 250’s, mine is zmr250 cf frame + fpv and it goes very well.

These blades are very nice. They are strong so they hold very nice – no bending even on very high RPM and strong motor. Also light so the RPM transition is nice and fast.

5045 Genuine & High Quality 5-inch Propellers

8 Pairs 5045 Genuine & High Quality 5-inch Propellers For Fpv Quadcopter CW/CCW

Model:5045 fiberglass propellers
Color: black / black+green / black+orange
Material: fiberglass
Come with TWO pairs propeller,fit for 280, 250 and 210mm mini quadcopeter etc.

Package Included:
8 x Fiberglass propeller (CW)
8 x Fiberglass propeller (CCW)

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Very strong and light propeller. I had some crashes, but they survived them all!!! I’m very pleased with this product!

Nice finishing , well balanced, do not produce any additional vibrations.I`m quite satisfied with these props.

I am very satisfied with this props. Better quality than 5030 I used to use before, and gives more speed to my quad. Love them.

Genuine Gemfan Speed 5050 (5x5) Propellers

8 Pairs Gemfan 5050 Bullnose 3 Blade PC Propeller For QAV250 ZMR250 200 280 RC Multirotor
Length: 5.0 inch
Pitch: 5.0 inch
Hub Id Dia: 5mm
Hub Od Dia: 14mm
Package included:
8 x CW 5050 Propellers
8 x CCW 5050 Propellers

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Love these props on cobra 220x race series. Sound awesome.

Perfect for 250 sized to 280 sized FPV racers like : QAV250, HK250, Walkera 250, FPV250, Immersion RC Vortex 285, Blackouts & other multirotors, quadcopters and hexacopter.

DYS 4045 CW CCW Propeller

8 Pairs DYS 4045 CW CCW Propeller Red Black for 250 Frame Kit
Item Name: 4045 Propeller
Color: Red,Black
Size: 4 * 4.5
Package Incuded:
8 x CW Propeller
8 x CCW Propeller
1 x battery strap

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Goods have arrived safely immediately. I’d like to buy other goods again.

Perfect props for the 1306 3100 kv motors for my ET160 frame. they are not the strongest but they handle very well. enough lift but not taxing on battery or motors.

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