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Most popular and best osd for FPV Racing

I have posted a article about how to choose the best osd for FPV racing, which has introduced the most common types of OSD data that are used in OSD and some choosing tips. Maybe it’s worth seeing, click here go ahead best osd for fpv.

If you want to buy the best osd for fpv and do not know what’s the best one? Now, you are come to the right place. Here There are some brand micro osd for FPV racing will be introduced and recommended by pilots.

Micro MINI OSD Dedicated For CC3D Flight Controller

Micro MINI OSD Dedicated For CC3D Flight Controller

Item Name: OSD
Delicated for CC3D flight controller
Power Supply: 5V

Package Included:
1 x OSD

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I use the Sony 960H Effio-V 800TVL camera. With her there is no image output. I tried to connect a low-quality camera with 700 TV lines. Everything worked perfectly. Very upset by the problem, since I want to use a high quality camera.

Its a little bit bigger for my 200 size quad but its working 100% correctly. Needs a little more attention but that step could not be skipped as you need to set it up correctly for your control board. As far as I know – this could be used with anything.

Using the stock firmware I was not able to get any video or OSD. I flashed the firmware to minimoposd using an ftdi board and after that I get video and the osd. A little more work than I wanted but it’s going for now. Shrink wrap over the board would have been nice too.

S-OSD iOSD Remzibi OSD Module for DJI NAZA Lite/V2 GPS vs N-OSD

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S-OSD iOSD Remzibi OSD Module for DJI NAZA Lite/V2 GPS vs N-OSD
Item name: S-OSD Module
Size: 4.3cm x 3.8cm
Dynamic voltage detection: 3S-6S
Compatible with ordinary OSD display function
Added function: Flight mode, Flight attitude, throttle channel signal data(0%-100%), receiver signal strength(if receiver with RSSI function), screen switch function(dual screen display)

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Great product worked first time, it would be nice to see a case for it, would recommend regards Jeff

Its connected with a NAZA Lite FC and works very stable. It works also as Stand alone whitout NAZA. You can connect the GPS-Modul “Ublox M8N GPS Compatible with DJI NAZA Lite V1 V2 Flight Controller Phantom 1 2 Vision+” to get coordinates without the NAZA-GPS. Modul comes without any manual, but in the internet you can get many tutorials and videos. You must sold extra a ttl-converter to program your own customer display. 2 are ready to run. 5 STAR at all.

best osd for fpv

I use this with DJI NAZA V2 on bigger copter. The OSD is working good, very stable. Pure but lightweigt. The installation was little complicated. (I think myself again, and again when I plugged it one cable 🙂 but You can find many videos on the youtube with this. Maybe we would like a good startup, setup manual for this and then would be everything perfect, but the price is wonderful for this great OSD. I have one thing more.. the display of function switch (Normal, Atti, GPS) has some delay (1-2 sec), but the others working well. So the result DJI mini iOSD vs. this S-OSD 0 : 5 star ! Buy this fast.

MICRO MinimOSD Minim OSD Mini OSD W/ KV Team MOD For Racing F3 Naze32 Flight Controller

MICRO MinimOSD Minim OSD Mini OSD W/ KV Team MOD For Racing F3 Naze32 Flight Controller
NO DC/DC converter, power board via 5 volts
FTDI cable compatible pinout
Standard 6-pin ISP header
Two LED indicators
ATmega328P with Arduino bootloader
MAX7456 monochrome on-screen display
16 x 16mm Size
Pad for an Analog or Digital PWM RSSI signal
Pad for the connection of a Current Sensor
ATmega328P with Arduino bootloader
Standalone, or with APM / Flip / Flip32+ flight controllers
These modifications allow direct connection of two batteries (up to 4S)
This hardware take the hardware mods for this firmware, and builds them into an RTF solution.
This Board can be used just as a normal OSD for APM or it can be used with MWC KV Team Mod.
Two independent power sections with an LED indicator on each.
Solder jumpers for combining the power sections
Solder jumper for PAL video option
+5V 500mA regulator for up to +12V supply input
Exposed test points for HSYNC and LOS

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The Micro MinimOSD with all the features of the very popuar WiteSpy KV Team modded OSD but in a 16x16mm size.
Doesn’t have the DC/DC converter, this means less heat when powered off a flight controller.
The Micro MinimOSD is the same as the older MinimOSD hardware, but has been modified to take advantage of custom firmware options.

Fantastic OSD at rock bottom price, tiny and very light, perfect for racing quads. I’m super impressed as usual, Well done, you guys rock!

Very small and light weight. Great product for that price. I recommed to buy with FTDI programer. You will need it .

This is one awesome little OSD! Works great with MWOSD firmware, highly customizable using GUI app, and so tiny and lightweight.

CC3D Flight Controller Mini OP OSD For FPV Multicopter

CC3D Flight Controller Mini OP OSD For FPV Multicopter

Supplier Voltage: 5V 12V
Firmware: CC3D
Size: 16mm x 16mm
Weight: About 1g


Max7456 monochrome on screen display

FTDI cable compatible pinout

Standard 6-pin ISP header
Max7456 monochrome on screen display
Extremely bright, blinding LEDs
Onboard micro-USB plug for flashing/configuring your favourite OSD software.
Anything that works on MinimOSD will also work on this

Onboard 5V and 12V switching power supplies.
Direct connections to CC3D when stacked.
Cam and vtx 3pin headers with selectable 12v or 5v power from onboard regs.

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Very good product with quality passed need only calibration. You may use in medium and special in small frame like 250-180. I recommend

The OSD works well, programmable without issues (youtube videos helped a lot). I have a big problem under use: Of course grounding is good, I fly with it about a minute without any problems with fresh quadcopter battery. After that for throttle punches the OSD disappears from GCS DVR, and screen flashes, but from my video glasses the screen disappears for seconds! With less throttle the screen comes back. If i raise the throttle slowly to 100% it works fine.

Very small and light weight comes pre-flashed with all the connectors installed on my ZMR250 with Eachine PDB it works perfectly will definitely buy again

MinimOSD MAVLink OSD APM 2.6 APM 2.52 Flight Control Board

MinimOSD MAVLink OSD APM 2.6 APM 2.52 Flight Control Board

Operating voltage: 5V-12V
Application:DIY flight control projects

Perfect combination of ATmega328 and MAX7456.
Flight control OS functions
Supports MAVLink protocol.
Uses MAVLink OSD.
Supports pirate APM2.52 APM 2.6 flight model

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Second one of these I have ordered. Took a little time and effort in google to find a firmware that worked correctly with my NAZE32 boards telemetry outputs. Once I got it going am very pleased, I prefer to have minimal information on the screen and don’t have GPS or a lot of the other options fitted. Was easy enough to turn them off. Comes with the jumper lead for programming, although you will need an FTDI adaptor to get it working with usb. Excellent product for the price would purchase again for future projects.

Programmed and wired to FPV and transmitter. Good signal quality. Works great FTDI is need to program it. Supprised but it is boxed. Doesn’t say this on website product description. Great value for money. Recommended.

It came in a case (what i didnt expected)! I love it! It was easy to set it up. I use it with my cc3d board. Much easier to fly in FPV. There are many good Youtubevideos about setting up the OSD 🙂 Remember to buy a USB Cable! And you have to change Firmware to use it with CC3d!!

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