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Most popular and best brushless motor for quadcopter fpv racing

Are you looking for hight level with affordable price and best brushless motor for quadcopter fpv racing such as 180 or 250mm racing mini quad etc? Here some quadcopter brushless motor are recommended for you by pilots. For example 2300 kv with 5045 props and 4s lipo (1300-1800 mah) with high C rating are rated for that kind of crazy power.

Below fpv racing quadcopter using these best Brushless Motor: ZMR250, EMAX250, ZMR 2.4, REVERSE NIGHTHAWK 250, REALFPV SPANKY 5, NIGHTHAWK 250, JPAY QUAD 250, EMAX – NIGHT HAWK 200, LISAM 210, 260 FPV RACER, EMAX NIGHTHAWK 280 #2, STORM TYPE B, NIGHTHAWK PRO 280, STORMRACING SRD260, G-ROTORS 170, FLY CAT 280, HEX 290 FPV, WARPQUAD 230, 3-5S FPV Racing Quqadcopters, etc.

best brushless motor for quadcopter

Quadcopter brushless motor comparison chart



Cobra22041960 KV23g330 (3S : 5030 @ 5.7A)Check
533 (4S : 5030 @ 8.1A)
587 (4S : 5040 @ 11.2A)
Cobra22082000 KV44g579 (3S : 6030 @ 9.6A)Check
912 (4S : 6030 @ 14.4A)
1153 (4S : 6045 @ 22.7A)
MultiStar22062150 KV30g380 (3S : 5030 @ 7.9A)Check
460 (3S : 6030 @ 9.4A)
610 (4S : 5040 @ 13.8A)


22042300 KV25g390 (3S : 5040 @ 8.4A)Check
510 (4S : 5040 @ 10.7A)
620 (4S : 6045 @ 15.7A)
Cobra22042300 KV25g436 (3S : 5030 @ 8.6A)Check
559 (3S : 6030 @ 11.0A)
EMAX22052300KV30g1069 (4S:5045BN@22.7A)Check
1167 (4S:5045×3@25.4A)


22052300KV30g1161 (4S:5045BN@23.8A)Check
1229 (4S:5040×3@27.4A)


V22300KV27g1041 (4S:5045BN@21.1A)Check
1088 (4S:5040×3@21.8A)

Best brushless motor for quadcopter recommendation

DYS BE1806 2300KV Brushless Motor Black Edition for Multicopters

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DYS BE1806 2300KV Brushless Motor Black Edition for Multicopters
    • Height: 0.85 inches (21.5mm)
    • Width: 0.90 inches (23mm)
    • Weight: 18 grams
    • RPM/V: 2300KV
    • Battery: 2-3S lithium polymer
    • Mounting pattern: 2x 12mm and 2x 16mm
    • Motor mount hole size: M2
    • Output shaft diameter: 2
    • Voltage: 2-3S
    • Max.current: 7.6A
    • Max.power: 84.4W
    • Thrust:

210 Grams (5030 w/ 2S @ 4.4A)
375 Grams (5030 w/ 3S @ 8.0A)
485 Grams (6030 w/ 3S @ 11.0A)

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Best brushless motor for quadcopter fpv racing Low vibration motor great for flying, To make aircraft more stable Less operating noise More efficient Bearings long life.

Stuck these on my 180 quad with some 4040 tri blade props and 4s. They simply are the bomb. I got a very light weight setup and these are almost too much for my quad on 4s. Its gonna take some getting used to. They are smooth and well made.best motor for fpv racing

Plugged these into the ZMR250 v2 and got flying pretty fast! Quality seems good, been flying with them for about 2 weeks and haven’t had an issue! Good little motors! I do like the black version specifically for the 250 I build as well!

These motors are mounted on another quad and operation is correct for the kind of flight I do. The box comes with the date of manufacture and with two types of screws M2 5 and 7 mm long enough to hold the motor. It would be interesting to have bearings on this engine.

Brushless Motor for RC FPV 250 Mini Quadcopter

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EMAX Cooling New MT2204 II 2300KV Brushless Motor CW CCW for RC Multicopter
  • Framework: 12N14P
  • KV: 2300KV
  • NO. of Cells: 2-4s
  • Max Thrust: 440g
  • Length:29.2MM
  • Shaft: 3MM
  • Propeller: 5inch-6inch
  • Diameter: 27.9MM
  • Weigth:25g

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Best motor for fpv racing. Cooling Series, newly designed high-end brushless motor for multirotors. Longer duration of flight, low CG design, lightweight design.

Air suction system design, rapid cooling, higher efficiency and longer life U clip prevents bearing from loosening.

High precision CNC machining exquisite design, stern quality control revealing the user’s taste and position.

The rotation direction of motor was marked on the front bell, making iteasier to determine rotation direction for CW and CCW motors Engine for 250 power supply and low demand for current flight time on a packet 2200 30C for about 20 minutes.

Chose between this and the emax 2205 red bottoms and this a good perfect all around ones since the red bottoms are perfect for speed but this one is built for better air or flight time.

Powerful motors but I have had issues with them being “sensitive” when connecting too esc but not with other motors. Fried a couple for seemingly no reason just in setup. No problems with other motors. But when they do work they are great…

best 2300kv Brushless motor for quadcopter

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Crazepony 4pcs EMAX RS2205 2300KV Brushless Motor 2CW 2CCW for QAV250 QAV300 FPV Racing Quadcopter
  • Configuration: 12N14P
  • Motor Diameter: 27.9mm
  • Prop Adapter Shaft Thread: M5
  • Input voltage: 3S-4S (12.6 – 16.8v)
  • KV2300 With HQ5045 BN Max.thrust:1024g
  • KV2600 With HQ4045 BN Max.thrust:763g

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Best motor for fpv racing, strong and powerful motor.

Key Features:

1K+ Thrust with 4s battery and recommend propeller combo

Highest Grade N52 Neodymium magnets

15mm Extended Prop Shaft allows virtually any prop with 5mm hole.

3 Lock nuts and 2 sets of motor screws for 3mm and 4mm thick frames.

The most noticeable feature is their low profile and very powerful torque. They are omni-direction – meaning no more CW or CCW motors – you can easily set direction via BLHeli suite. Definitely recommended if you want to have a serious build with great speed and powerful torque!

I love this quadcopter brushless motors they are not that cheap but high dureable and the sound is just awesome. Powerful, Smooth, Quiet .. What more can I say.

KV2300 High-Performance Brushless Motor for quadcopter

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T-MOTOR MN2204 KV2300 High-Performance Brushless Motor for quadcopter Aircraft
  • Specs: 2300KV
  • Dims: Shaft 2mm, Stator 22mm x 4mm, motor 27 x 16.5mm,
  • Weight : 23g
  • No. of Cells (Lipo): 2-3S

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Best motor for quadcopter fpv racing With stable performance, it is practical and durable. Offering you high compatibility, reliability and stability.

Driving and controlling motor to complete all kinds of instructions Suitable for Mini quad four axis and aircraft,etc. This MN2204 2300KV motor is recommended for use with 2 to 3S LiPo and 6×2 to 7×2.4 props. It is very popular in retail market Great Outrunner Brushless Motor.

Very nice motors, great replacement for the eachine wizard , nice color and good quality for the price.

2300 Kv best Brushless Motor for quadcopter

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Cobra 2204-28 2300 Kv Brushless Motor for quadcopter – Perfect for 250 class quads

Stator Diameter: 22.0 mm (0.866 in)
Stator Thickness: 4.0 mm (0.157 in)
Number of Stator Slots: 12
Number of Magnet Poles: 14
Motor Wind: 28 Turn Delta
Motor Kv Value: 2300 RPM per Volt
No Load Current (Io): 0.66 Amps @ 8 Volts
Motor Resistance (Rm) per Phase: 0.126 Ohms
Motor Resistance (Rm) Phase to Phase: 0.084 Ohms
Maximum Continuous Current: 15 Amps
Max Continuous Power (2-cell Li-Po): 110 Watts
Max Continuous Power (3-cell Li-Po): 165 Watts
Motor Weight: 24.6 grams (0.87 oz.)

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They are packaged in hard case and foam inside. The quality is good. The Cobra CM-2204 series motors have a 3.0mm motor shaft for extra strength, as well as oversize ball bearings to support the shaft and provide a long life.

2204 motors might be out of style after 2205s came in, but these weigh less and are still a good option for a cheap build or one that doesn’t need the epitome of power

Always happy with these quadcopter brushless motor. Very cheap and good amount of power for my small foamies. Can’t go wrong with them.

Due to space limitations , the above list is only for some best brushless motor for quadcopter, If other than a list of quadcopter brushless motor, please contact us and leave your messages on here, if you have better recommendations.

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