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Mid Sized Camera Drone the JJRC H8D

Recently released and selling extremely fast is the latest Drone offering from JJRC. It has been reviewed intensively by respected members of the RC community and passed all tests with flying colors. The H8D Mid Sized Camera Drone is the best value low priced mid sized RC Quadcopter Drone you can presently buy. We are pleased to give it our very best Five Star Rating.

If you want a bigger drone that the micro model available and want the option of video then you won’t find a more affordable option than the JJRC H8D Mid Sized Camera Drone.

This model is a blast to fly and like the JJRC H6C Camera Drone has a 2 mega pixel Camera. JJRC a relatively new to the Drone space but are gaining a reputation for reliable well made Drones with excellent flight control boards and transmitters.

I’ve flown the Best selling Syma X5C Explorers Mid Sized Camera Drone for a number of months now and have enjoyed every minute of flying it but all the reviews I’ve read on the JJRC model say the H8D is a better Mid Sized Camera Drone to buy. Having now flown both of these models extensively the Drone Flyers team cannot but agree with the other HC8 reviews. As of the 27-12-2014 Drone Flyers rate the JJRC as the best value Mid Sized Camera Drone available.

The H8D Mid Size Camera Drone has larger more powerful motors than the Syma X5C giving more thrust and power. It is slightly noisier than the Syma but this is a small trade off for the extra speed and response rate you get. Considerable time has been spent on the design of the body shell and it looks very similar to a Cheerson CX-20.

Please note their are a number of variations of this Mid Sized RC Quadcopter Drone without camera and a Bind and Fly model if you have a compatible transmitter.

H8D Mid Sized Camera Drone

Best Mid Sized Camera Drone from JJRC

I have been flying the HC8 Camera Drone for a couple of days now. Yesterday I witnessed a young 10 year expertly fly this camera Drone on the beach in glorious sunshine. I have flown a number of low priced Mid Sized Camera Drones over the last year or so and this is the best of its size and price currently available.

My JJRC H8D Mid Sized Camera Drone arrived yesterday and after a battery charge it was almost ready to go just add the landing skids and propeller protectors a very simple operation.

What a blast I had flying this remote controlled drone it is simply superb. The JJRC Transmitter that comes with this model is one of my favorites. It has four flight modes which allow you to get accustomed to the flight patterns of the model and as you get more confident you can move up to the next level.

The acrobatics from this Mid Sized Camera Drone are stunning and perform effortlessly. A button is pressed on your transmitter and the drone will flip in the direction you tell it too by using the right hand stick (Mode 2) rapidly moving it in the chosen direction.

The LED lights are the best I have ever seen on any RC Quadcopter or Drone they extend from the body shell down both sides of the motors arms. This is great for flying orientation as you can always see the direction your camera Drone is pointing towards. The Yaw rate is responsive so you can quickly adjust the flying direction when you need too.

Once you have mastered the flying skills of this model the 2 mega pixel Camera will allow you to record video our capture still images by activating button on your remote control transmitter. You won’t get the quality of a GoPro or Mobius but what you will get is a great introduction to Aerial Photography using a flying camera. My videos are not that great I’m the first to admit it but I will get immense pleasure from capturing video and stills and this Camera Drone. It will help me immensely improve my video capture.

I have spent hours upon hours using my Hubsan X4 H107C HD to take video but I’m sure the increase from the micro size to mid size coupled with the superb stability of this model will enable me and the Drone Flyers Team to take my Aerial Photography to the next level. It is something we are all wholeheartedly looking forward to.

Original JJRC H8D 5.8G RC FPV QuadcopterDescription

  • Brand name: JJRC
  • Brand model: H8D
  • Frequency: 2.4G
  • Channel: 4CH
  • Gyro: 6 axis
  • FPV transmission frequency: 5.8G
  • Function: ascend/descend/forward/backward/side flying/360°rolling action/hover/LED/camera/5.8G transmission/CF
  • mode/One key return
  • Flight duration: 8 Minutes
  • Remote control distance: 300 meters
  • Charging time: 110mins
  • Battery for quadcopter: 7.4V 500mAh (included)
  • Battery for transmiter: 4 * 1.5V AA Battery (not included)
  • Battery dimension: 43 * 25 * 12mm
  • Quadcopter dimension: 330 * 330 * 115mm
  • Quadcopter weight: 23g

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