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Main FPV Drone Parts List You Need – Drone Building Guide (Sections 3)

Put your learned skills to use and pick the perfect parts for own high-performance drone, main FPV drone parts list you need for building quadcopter as beow.

FPV Drone Parts List

Carbon Fiber Mini 250 FPV Frame

Carbon Fiber Mini 250 FPV Quadcopter Frame
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One of the most important part of quadcopter is its frame because it supports motors and other electronics and prevents them from vibrations.

All components will attach to the frame. The first thing is that choose the right frame for you drone then other’s parts.

Really, anything works as long as the frame is strong enough to support the other five key components.

Making frame is truly depends on your imagination, skill and availability of material.

Brushless Motors & ESCs

FPV Racing Quadcopter Motor ESC Combo
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The powertrain (motor, esc, props, battery) is responsible for getting a drone off the ground.

Infact whole power system depends on selection of motor so you should be very careful while selecting motor.

If you have four arms, you have four propellers, and you need four brushless motors and four electronic speed controllers.

LiPo Battery

2 Packs 4S 14.8V 1300mAh 40C
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With top-of-the-line LiPo batteries, the drones can stay airborne for 10 to 30 minutes at a time.

Max current rating is another important factor while selecting motor. Selection of ESC and battery depends on this value.

The more weight, the more energy required to lift the aircraft and the less time the battery will last.

Therefore it’s the best wayt to choosing the excellent brands.

Radio Transmitter & Receiver

2.4GHz 6 Channel Digital Transmitter and Receiver Radio System
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The transmitter you choose determines how clear the images you get are

The number of channels available in your transmitter determines how well you can control your FPV quadcopter. With the normal transmitters having about 4 to 9 channels, the more the number of channels, the more control you have such as changing the flying mode, deploying landing gear, turning on lights, etc.

We recommend a controller with six inputs or more.

Flight controller

CC3D Flight Control
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Flight controller is the most important one, I regard the flight controller as a brain which will stop flying when its components fail.

In my experience, drone can be devided into 3 flying styles, there are Cinema Flying, Sport Flying and Autonomous Flying, we should find out the right flight controller, which is good at your drone flying style.

Price is important, but certainly so is quality.

Battery Charger

iMAX B6 Mini Professional Balance Charger Discharger
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Getting the best battery charger for quadcopter is crucial if you do not want to be left in the lurch while having fun with your drone.

Remember, LiPo batteries back a significant amount of energy. Having a reliable charger will let you continue to operate your drone for hundreds of flights.

Keep in mind, its quality is unparalleled and secondly, the charge current rate and power are quite impressive.

CW/CCW Propeller

GemFan HD 5030 5x3 CW CCW Propeller
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It’s always smart to have extra propellers in hand.

When your drone crashes, the propellers will bear the biggest force of the impact.

Type of prop is important as well but we will see effect of diameter and pitch on flight of quadcopter.

Having extras on hand will keep you flying even when mistakes happen.

Tools Shopping List

These are all the tools you will need while building your drone.

Current Sensor Power Module Cable

Full Set 60W 110V Soldering Iron Kit
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Some ESC’s provide power 5V that you can use on the Flight controller.

However, just in case your ESC does not, we recommend having a power supply cable.

This type of cable connects in between your battery and power distribution frame, allowing you to power your flight computer.

30cm Male to Female Servo Extension Lead Wire Cable
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Backup PWM Cables

For use with your Power Supply Cable

It’s always important to have backup cables!

30cm Male to Female Servo Extension Lead Wire Cable

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Current Sensor Power Module Cable Xt60 Plug
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Soldering Iron

Five different tips makes soldering iron easy to fit, soldering iron stand use soldering stand

Current Sensor Power Module Cable Xt60 Plug

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USB 2.0 A-Male to Micro B Cable
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USB Micro Cable

Used to connect the flight controller to your computer.

USB 2.0 A-Male to Micro B Cable

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