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How to reach Longest quadcopter flight time 3s vs 4s lipo battery

Flight longest times was the type of target every pilots dreams about, more flight times more funny and work. We often disscue how to reach longest quadcopter flight time 3s vs 4s? 3s lipo and 4s lipos are suited for a lot of quadcopters such as fpv quadcopter. But 3s vs 4s flight time is different and which one is the best? Now, we make an analysis from experience.

3s vs 4s flight time

#1 As a beginner how to choose 3S VS 4S?

As a beginner was recommended start with a stabilized RTF micro quadcopter first by a experience pilots.

The first thing is to learn how to hover in acro and pick up experience with some of the quirks of rotorcraft. Was recommend against the first copter being a scrtch built in the first place.

You even be able to walk through some tuning instructions if it flies crappy. That’s a path that will yield success.

4S lipo battery the voltage is 16.8V(=4*4.2v) is more power than 3s lipo 12.6v(=3*4.2v), It’s more difficult to control the throttle and your quadcopter maybe was rocked even crashed, so if you can’t contrlol it in acro don’t expect longest flight times.

As a beginner 3s lipo battery is good for you first.

#2Calculate quadcopter 3S VS 4S flight time?

My one posted was recommended for you,how to calculate quadcopter flight time.

Today we discuss about quadcopter between flight time with lipo battery, Amp Draw is important factor of calculate flight time.

The parameters of Moter, esc, battery and carrying weight are critical influences on amp draw. 3S VS 4S lipo which one is the best, please read on.

quadcopter flight times

#3 4S lipo battery advantages

Though 4s lipo battery is more weight and expensive than 3s, but there are many advantages for quadcopter as below.

  • More power, with a 3S pack you probably get 12.6V at full throttle and maybe 6.3V at half throttle although this is not always very linear. With a 4S pack you will reach the 12.6V mark maybe at 3/4 throttle.
  • More payload, The 4S will give you far more punch, and can carry far more payload (battery capacity, camera gear, FPV radios,quadcopter net weight,etc.).
  • More faster, if you have a good control and want to get enough power to runing or crazy fligh for racing, 4s lipo should give you much more faster and flight times.

#4 3S VS 4S flight time comparison table

QuadcopterMotorLipo batteryTotal weightWattsFlight times
4*690kv2*4s 4000mAh1750g134.4W33 mins
2*3s 5000mAh1800g126W30 mins

The same Quadrocopter, With 3s Less weight, less complication, cheaper battery cost all weigh in their favor. With 4s more power, power flight time, more paylaod.

To reach longest quadcopter flight time 3s vs 4s, The best setup is a balance of motors, props, copter weight and battery capacity/voltage.

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