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Like anything else, the advance the features, the higher the quality the more will be the cost of the drone. Any drone that has a range measured in kilometers or miles will be easily above 1000 dollars. The controllable range is one of the most important features that you should look for in your drone. Most of the drones that are sold on a commercial basis have a maximum range of 30 meters which is not very efficient.

Some of the best drones on the market which can even help amateur photographers to get perfect aerial shots are:

DJI Spark:

Dji spark

This small and sleek drone has the ultimate features. The easy launching and flying features of Dji-spark will make you a pro at exploring the skies within no time. It is the verylightweight which is why its batteries don’t run out soon.

The smart flight mode and obstacle avoidance technology added not only helps you fly properly but also keeps the device safe. It is quieter as compared to other drones of the same level and also comes with two-axis gimbal stabilization.

Altair Aerial Blackhawk:

This killer drone at a very reasonable price with 300 to 500 meters range can be your new best friend. The flight time is around 15 to 17 minutes and comes with a brushless motor that gives it an ideal balance between the usage of power and its operation.

It does not come with an inbuilt camera but the slot is compatible with GoPro 3, 4 as well as other cameras. The 6 axis gyro is also a plus point.

MJX Bugs 2:

MJX bugs 2

This drone has all the ideal features. It comes with a range of 800 to 1000 meters with an inbuilt camera that gives 1080p results. Apart from having premium features, it has a sleek and chic design as well.

The brushless motor gives it the perfect operation with a flight time of 18 minutes. The GPS height technology is also added to it along with the 1800 mAh battery.

DJI Mavic Pro:

This is a professional grade drone. Its price is a problem for most people but the features are worth the price tag. With its 7000 meters range with 27 minutes, it is easily the best drone in the market. The transmission technology is what gives this drone its boasted range. It has full HD streaming and a 16 GB memory card slot as well. Apart from this features like auto take off, autoland are also added.

DJI Phantom 4:

DJI phantom 4

This drone has a range of 5000 meters and is the most expensive one of the lot. It has an inbuilt camera with 4K HD videos and a 120 FPS with f/2.8 lens. The speed of this amazing product is 45 mph. the transmission range is approximately 3.1 miles and a flight time of 28 minutes. The total weight is 8.8 lbs. Apart from this, it has GPS navigation as well.


To find the best drone for yourself, the first thing you should consider is its range and the second thing is the camera if you are looking for it for photography purpose. Of course, it is a big investment but there is no single best drone rather you should go with the one that works best for you.

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