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Three advantages of lipo battery cell high voltage

Lipo battery cell high voltage have been in market for a long time, but many people don’t know what is high voltage lipo battery and what’s advantages of them. If you have some hobby models such as 3D airplanes, EDF jets, helicopters, extreme 3D helicopters and FPV quad racers, you come the right place, You’ll find the high voltage lipo battery of some value to you.

what is high voltage lipo battery?

The lithium ion electrode potential is about 3v, lithium battery voltage will change with different materials. After the optimization of material and craft, lithium polymer battery cut-off voltage can be improved up to 4.5v (The scope of 1v-4.5v). Today the high voltage lipo battery is meaning 4.35v per cell. Many lipo battery factories have produced them.

lipo battery cell high voltag

Three advantages of lipo battery cell high voltage.

High voltage lipo battery has been found and used for hobby models or quadcopters, because there are three advantages of them.

#1 More power more energy

First we need to calculate the energy in watts. As we know, power calculator formula is VOLTS x AMPS = WATTS, High Voltage lipo battery give you more power.

For example

Have the same size and weight as 3.7v cell 10000mah lipo battery, the high voltage one give you 43.5W energy which is more power than standard lipo pack (37W). The larger power is the abrupt change value of the cell.

#2 More high C charge

Many people do not want to waste much time to charge lipo battery, standard lipo pack is recommended charge lipo battery with 1C charger.

Now, high voltage lipo battery can be charged with high C charger, Even up to 6C max charge with no negative impact on lifespan or reliability. It’s charged for full rated capacity in a short time.

#3 More Flight times

If you do not know thathow to calculate quadcopter flight times, Please read my old post.

Quadcopter flight times =(Battery Capacity * Battery Discharge /Average Amp Draw)*60

High voltage lipo battery can be charged to standard lipo teminal voltage of 4.2V per cell and in that case deliver about the same capacity as the standard lipo pack of same weight and C-rate or charged to a maximum of 4.35V per cell for full rated capacity, about 10% additional capacity and run time compared to standard LiPo packs.

For example

You have a quadcopter which average amp draw is 20A when hovering. The same weight and crate discharge is 75C, Standard lipo pack capacity is 3000mAh and High voltage lipo is 3300mAh (10% additional capacity).

High voltage lipo battery flight times is 7.92”= 3.3Ah * 80% /20 amps *60 minutes

Standard lipo pack flight times is 7.2”= 3Ah * 80% /20 amps *60 minutes

In fact, you will get lightly more flight times with High voltage lipo battery. What’s more, if you are using high voltage and have more experiences about it, Tell us your story about them, that’s welcome!

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