Indoor Drone Racing Guide

Indoor FPV Racing
Indoor FPV Racing

Both of indoor drone racing and outdoor racing are popular today, but want to get the champion is not a easy thing. In this article will tell you more informations about these racing events and listed a fast FPV parts helping you to succeed.

Why Indoor Drone Racing?

As we known, drone racing was become a sport racing in all over the world. In my experience, FPV racacing can be divided into 2 types: Indoor and outdoor.

Outdoor Drone Racing: FPV event often was held outdoor,because there’s larger area to race and the racing course can be specially designed having more aerial tracks and styles. Every urban center has various outdoor activities space, therefore that’s more place more flexibility for choose.

Indoor Drone Racing: Indoor drone racing is another event style that popular as well as outdoor. In order to avoid infection of weather, the indoor racing is the best choose for event that you do not need worry about the weather changes. In this way ensure that no drone has an unfair advantage due to the environment. Whether you are a champion depend on your pure skill and your drone design, or you are a team it is more important in cooperation.

Whether outdoor or indoor drone racing, you can easily see so many races were held every month in all over the world. The greatest credit for these rests with committed leagues.

Indoor Drone Leagues

Thare are many courses of indoor event racing including Rotorcross, Drag race and Time-Trial. Listed as blow:

Time-Trial: Just like its name, each drone runs the course alone, shortest elapsed time wins.

Drag race: In certain distance, two or more pilots fly at the same time, the winner is the one who runs the fastest.

Rotorcross: In the special racing course, two or more racers fly at the same time, to see who crosses the finish line first.

Any events without organizers. There are many famous leagues all over the world, Listed as following table:

Leagues NameTypesLocation
MultiGPIndoor and outdoorAmerica
Aerial Grand PrixIndoor and outdoorEurope,North America, Asia and the Middle East
Aerial Action Sports LeagueIndoor and outdoorAmerica

Indoor Drone Racing
Indoor Drone Racing

Best FPV Setup For Indoor Racing Event

As you see above courses (Rotorcross, Drag race and Time-Trial), speed is the most important for racing. Speed is the main factor for champion who the skill level is getting close to others. Therefore, whether you build or buy one drone, the frist thing you should consider is more light and more faster.

How to build a faster FPV?

Highly recommended these components for FPV that can fly to reach over 145mph, it is fast enough for indoor racing event. Listed as blow:


I’m betting that you will probably win the champion of indoor drone racing while using above FPV setting. Of course, personal skill still is not ignorable, I believe you are okey. Just enjoy the FPV sport.

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