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Three methods increase quadcopter flight time for you

There’s one thing about quadcopter that puzzles pilots more than anything else: how to increase quadcopter flight time? If you have experience in the fpv racing or aerial photography not a beginner, will pursue more power more energy and longest flight time for your quadcopters.

Pilots can only fly in 30 minutes at the most, Generally, less than 20 minutes. Today I will talk about increase quadcopter flight time methods for you, I think there are three methods to increase flight times.

#1.With High voltage lipo battery

If you do not know high voltage battery, this old post will tell you what it is? :Three advantages of lipo battery cell high voltage.

One advantage of high voltage battery is more flight times for your quadcopter.

High voltage cell is 4.35V which is more power than standard lipo cell(4.2v), about 10%(4.35/4.2) additional power (VOLTS x AMPS = WATTS ) .

So This’s one way to increase quadcopter flight time with high voltage battery.

increase quadcopter flight time

#2.With smart lipo battery

Smart lipo battery has an amazing battery management system (BMS), which will smartly manage your battery and extend your battery using life.

The smart unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) lithium battery, is a good development direction and form, a lot of battery factories have produced them or as configured battery for their quadcopter. Such as DJI, Yuneec, Parrot, 3DR, etc.

Smart lipo have a lot of functions such as self discharge, self balancing, over or under voltage alarm, over or low temperature alarm etc.

Temps are dropping and cold weather can have an averse affect on the battery and its performance.

Try to keep the pack warm between charging and getting to the fly site in colder weather, In colder weather avoid full throttle unless its absolutely necessary, especially until the battery has warmed in flight, at take off try to use part throttle, this is when the largest load is on the battery and when its coldest.

Smart battery can alarm it to ready for flight. By this way you can increase quadcopter flight time.

#3.With High capacity lipo battery

How to calculate quadcopter flight times? We know the calculator formula of to calculate quadcopter flight time.

One of fators is Battery Capacity. More capacity more flight time.

In fact as the battery gets larger, the increase in flight time becomes ineffective, because of the weight of battery, Don’t neglect Average Amp Draw. But you can keep doing tests and choose the best lipo capacity to increase quadcopter flight time.



Maybe there are many methods to increase quadcopter flight time such as use small and right Propellers to lower power consumption etc. If you have any ideas and experiences, pls add your comments on here, that’s welcome.

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