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How to make lipo battery for your quadcopter – Diy quadcopter

how to make lipo batteryAs we know lipo battery is required parts for quadcopter, which provide power for quadcopter motor esc and camera etc. How to make lipo battery do you know? Most of the pilots do not know the lipo battery production process, because it is very complicated and involves a lot of complex technical process.

Today I will share a video about how to make a lipo battery to you. Such a wonderful video that it’s really an eye-opener.

Production process of making lipo battery

There are at least thirteen steps of production process as below,

  • 1. Input the material
  • 2. Material stiring machine
  • 3. Coating
  • 4. Material baking equipment
  • 5. Pouch Forming
  • 6. Assembly the Tab-lead
  • 7. Baking the cell
  • 8. Electrolyte Injection
  • 9. Top Sealing
  • 10. Formation
  • 11. Folding
  • 12. Testing
  • 13. Packaging

Video about how to make lipo battery

This video was from the professional lipo battery manufacturer (Gens ace) of China. Maybe you’ve watched this video before and still don’t know how to make lipo battery. This vido will tell you how it make out.


After watching this video, what do you feel? Yeah, None of this is easy, you maybe think these lipo batteies which you purchased are value for money. But if you want to make lipo battery at home, I will persuade you “STOP”, Beacuse as the above video you watched making battery need professional machines and professional knowledges.

In a few days, I will post one article about how to make lipo battery at home, if you want to know, please stay tuned!

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