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How to make a simple quadcopter at home

Recently, I talk with some pilots who often fly FPV with their friends in weekend. I found that all of them are diy enthusiasts who love to Diy quadcopter in multiple sizes and colors at home.

So if you are a hobby friend and plan to join their ranks, The frist thing is that you should know how to make a simple quadcopter at home? Today, I will collect all related topics for this subject. Maybe it’s useful for you to make a simple quadcopter at home.

how to make a simple quadcopter

What do you need for making a simple quadcopter at home?

I have posted a article about What do i need for fpv quadcopter? which was introduced The Basic Parts Equipment of FPV quadcopter. There are two primary components of a FPV setup: the airborne component and the ground component (typically called a ground station).

FPV equipment including: the carrier aircraft, antenna, video transmitter, video receiver, image display memory, lipo battery, extended-range remote control, camera, flight controller, ESCS, Moters,props and Frame etc.

Ok let me make an example, Diy quadcopter fpv ZMR 250 FUN FLYER, need sample parts list as below

Frame ZMR250 Carbon Fiber Version

Motor Cobra 2204 2300Kv

Prop HQProp 5x4x3 (3-Blade) Glass Composite

Flight Controller Naze32 Acro

Video Transmitter ImmersionRC 600mW 5.8GHz

Radio Receiver Graupner GR-16 HoTT 8-channel 2.4GHz

FPV Camera PZ0420m Sony Super HAD 600TVL CCD Mini 2.8mm (board) HD Camera XiaoMi Yi

Diy quadcopter at home

How to work all quadcopter parts with each other?

#1 One of the most important part of quadcopter is its frame because it supports motors and other electronics and prevents them from vibrations.

There is no thumb rule for size of the frame but for medium size quadcopter 450mm to 550mm motor to motor frame is enough.

If your frame is too big compare to your power setup(motor-prop, esc, battery)it will add extra weight while if it’s too small props will fight with each other.

#2 Advanced FCs have more features and advanced sensors like gyro, accelerometer, sonar, GPS, Magnetometer. But as we know “more power comes with more responsibility and difficulties” so if you are newbie you should start with gyro only.#3 We use the best quadcopter motors for quadcopter. Brushless motor comes with some important specifications. For quadcopter application 600-1200kV motors are good. Below 600kV even better.

Low kV means you can swing big prop. Big prop means it can move more air and you will get more thrust.

Generally you will get suggested prop value in motor specification, so you should go with it and buy 1-2 pair extra. But what if prop value is not given. You will see kind of table with different props, Volts, Amp, Thrust and Efficiency.

#4 How to select best esc for quadcopter? Well it’s really simple. You only need to keep in mind that Ampere rating of ESC should be higher than max amp rating of motor. For example the motor we selected draws maximum 15Amp so your ESC rating should be higher than 15amp. Say 18-20Amp.
#5  You can compare mAh rating of battery with petrol tank of your vehicle. Big tank more petrol you can fill and more you can drive. The same way more mAh rating gives you more flight time.#6  Yes,Above are some tips about how to choose all quadcopter parts and they influence, interact and depend on each other, all parts are necessary. If you want to do research into these parts, Here are one post you should not missing this what parts combination will work with each other.
how to make a simple quadcopter at home

Where to buy quadcopter parts?

For making a simple quadcopter at home you should shop quadcopter parts. There are so many online shop on the internet, where to buy these quadcopter parts? Here are some recommended retail shop, which are trusted store and alway make a flash deals lower price and free shipping. You can shop them from here Best quadcopter stores.

How to start diying quadcopter?

How to start making a simple quadcopter at home after you digest above contents? Youtube videos are good teacher for the beginner, here one hight quality video from Youtube,thank for letmeplaymystrat making this video:

And some old posts as below, Maybe are helpful for you to make a simple quadcopter at home.

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Update parts: If you are a lover of this magical artifact and have a great desire for creating your personal drone from scratch this guide is just for you because here we will cover all major concepts. Building your own drones

I believe that you will fall in love with diy quadcopter, Pls share and leave your comments on here.

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