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How to make a quadcopter – Diy quadcopter part 1

How to make a quadcopter at home? if you plan to build and look around may be hesitant to decide or waste time to search some diy tips on the internet but still do not kown how to begin.

Now you are come right here. This post will tell you how to begin before you making a quadcopter. Let’s begin.

What’s using quadcopter for?

how to make a quadcopterQuadcopter is very popular and called by every regardless of application area, such as Aerial photography, Surverying, Thermography, Logistics and Transport, Security, Search and rescue,Agriculture etc.

But for you, what are the requirements you are looking for? Each quadcopter has got its own distinct advantage, and there are no one solution quadcopter for all your requirements.

The most common quadcopter styles are Aerial photography, Sport, Sport FPV, Mini quad, Mini FPV, maybe you would choose one.If you want to have a Mini quad, there is no need to make one by yourself. This post will tell you why? Buy vs build your best first quadcopter – which way?

What do I need to know before to build quadcopter

Once you have to build a quadcopter and are interested in it but if you have no more experiences. you need to learn and know all components, combine hardware and software skills, how to choose them (Frame , Moter , ESC, Battery, FC, Prop etc.) ,how to calculate quadcopter weight / thrust / flight time etc. how to calibration the config data .

These are the basic components you will require.

  • Frame
  • Motor x4
  • Electronic Speed Control (ESC) x 4
  • Flight Control Board
  • Radio transmitter and receiver
  • Propeller x 4 (2 clockwise and 2 counter-clockwise)
  • Battery & Charger

Mechanical frame

One of the most important part of quadcopter is its frame because it supports motors and other electronics and prevents them from vibrations. Really simple, any frame that is sufficiently stiff and light, and doesn’t get in the way of airflow too much will do. Here is one old post will tell you about quadcopter frame sizes and choose tips, you want to know, can click here to read Quadcopter frame sizes – which class series quadcopter will you make?

Flight controller

Flight controller is the most important one, I regard the flight controller as a brain which will stop flying when its components fail.

There are so many functions for your choose,such as Gyro Stabilization, Self Leveling, Orientation mode, Altitude Hold, Position Hold, Return Home , Waypoint Navigation, GPS etc.Huge selection and features can be tailored to exactly what you need.

In our website, one category is Quadcopter Flight Controller Archive, From here you can know more informations about flight controller and know how to choose FC with altitude hold or for diy aerial photography quadcopter or for diy fpv racing quadcopter , Wish you would like them.

Power electronics system: Battery, ESCs, motor, and props.

quadcopter power systemMotors, props, ESCS and lipo battery are power for quadcopter, On no account can we ignore the significance of them.

All of them will work with each other possible ,You need to understand the connections and trade-offs between them and how to match each other.

Here is one post (QUADCOPTER DIY
components of quadcopter what parts combination will work with each other
) which will useful for you to to understand them. Ofcourse, you can through the different categories of quadcopter parts, may cause the justice conception to be more clearer.

Build a mini quacopter for FPV

Comprehensive guide to build a simple quadcopter for beginners. This guide with pictures show you how to setup your frist quadcopter at home, ALL the components are listed and provides you step by step the proper information to assemble the frame, attach the motors, propellers, battery, controller and shows you how to wire the components.

The guide is intended for beginner users having a plug-and-play construction system.If you are interested in it,Click here to continue. Build a mini quacopter for FPV

Next part will be even more interesting. So stay tuned. Add next part content link How to make a quadcopter (part 2)

Update parts: If you are a lover of this magical artifact and have a great desire for creating your personal drone from scratch this guide is just for you because here we will cover all major concepts. Building your own drones


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  2. […] How to make a quadcopter – Diy quadcopter part 1 […]


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