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How to getting started in fpv quadcopter for beginner

FPV maybe have much more fun and you want to jump into FPV world, but you don’t know how to getting started in fpv quadcopter ? Here will tell you what should you need, how to start and what things have to paid attention to before flying FPV Racing ? keep ahead.

Interest is the best teacher

If plan to play fpv from rc hobby,you will need enough money and free time, stear a RC vehicle visually and basic electronics understanding. but one thing is most important is that you should fall in love with it and patience just like you enjoy paying rc hobby. Interest is the best teacher,only you have interest, will be willing to learn with initiative.If you got that were good to go and to succeed!

Learn form video tutorial

Another thing is that you need a teacher who can tell you what have to need, how to getting started in FPV and how to fly it though you have skill of rc hobby . Video tutorial is a good teacher, here one hight quality video from Youtube, thank for letmeplaymystrat making this video which is useful for the beginners and the topics are as below ( patience and finish watch this video):

  • Where do i get started?
  • What kind of airplane do i need?
  • Which control frequency?
  • Which video frequency?
  • Which antennas should i use?
  • What is OSD?Do i need one?
  • What do I need to know before jump right in?

What you need and how to build?

The basic FPV setup and To begin your FPV journey you need at least these 7 items:

  • Frame
  • Motor x4
  • Electronic Speed Control (ESC) x 4
  • Flight Control Board
  • Radio transmitter and receiver
  • Propeller x 4 (2 clockwise and 2 counter-clockwise)
  • Battery & Charger
  • A camera – To have a picture to transmit
  • A video display/goggles – To watch the video feed from the airplane

If you want to build by yourself,here some posts maybe help you:

How to make a quadcopter – Diy quadcopter part 1

FPV250 build – How to make a quadcopter (part 2)

FPV250 build – How to make a quadcopter (part 3)

This is the BASIC setup to getting started in FPV, the absolute necessary stuff to be able to fly FPV. Go after stable and Easy to fly , I recommend to start out simple and then expand with the more advanced stuff and able to carry extra weight once you mastered the basics kills.

getting started in fpv

Top things paid attention to when getting started in FPV

  • Fly in big open area, far away from other people, traffic and property. Grassy field will be preferable not only for softening any crashes you might have but also will prevent sand from getting into your motors.
  • But before you jump into FPV flying, make sure you know how to fly your quadcopter line of sight (LOS) first! In case something happens during your FPV session, you can still remove your FPV goggles and land your quad in a controlled manner in LOS.
  • After flight: check your gear after each flight, including feeling the temperature of each motor and ESC with your hand after landing. One hot motor means it is failing – or the propeller is grossly unbalanced or badly bashed. Two or more warmer motors on the same side mean that the craft is not correctly weighted and balanced.

Before quadcopter getting started to fly what should you do? If you have already purchased a FPV quadcopter or build one and ready to fly, this post will tell you how to have a happy fly and security fly. At last, enjoy flying.

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