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How to choose the best osd for quadcopter?

If you making a quadcopter at home and looking for best OSD for quadcopter,This is just a brief guide to give you a better idea about OSD and how to choose OSD for your FPV system.

What is OSD and What’s used for?

OSD is short for On Screen Display.which is a little PCB board that overlays flight information onto your FPV video. It allows you to monitor your quadcopter status in real-time while flying FPV.can display flight data on your FPV goggle or monitor, such as battery voltage and the use of current in mAh, how much current your motors and other electronics are drawing, your altitude, GPS coordinates etc. It’s possible to fly without a OSD in your FPV plane but the risk of getting lost in the air is pretty big.

best osd for quadcopter

Here are some of the most common types of OSD data that are used in OSD.

  • Timer : This could be flight time or powering time which depends on the type of OSD you have.
  • Battery Voltage : Voltage reading and display so you know when you should land.
  • Current : The use of current in mAh,maybe up to 80%,you should land.
  • RSSI: Radio signal strength, usually displayed as percentage in OSD.
  • Warning:,Alert you when defined values have been reached the set up alarms, such as the battery voltage level or capacity.
  • Flight Mode:Shows the current flight mode of your quadcopter.
  • GPS: Tet the ground speed of your multicopter, the distance from the point where it launched, and home position.

OSD modules There are 3 types of OSD

  1. Standalone OSD: only to the camera and VTX, and doesn’t talk to the flight controller.
  2. FC dependant OSD: relies on flight data from the flight controller, usually passed through serial port (RX / TX).
  3. Hybrid type: can be used as a standalone OSD It can also be connected to the flight controller for richer range of flight data.

Choosing tips about best OSD for quadcopter

  • As a beginner you should not buy the most advanced OSD, but start with a simple easy to install OSD. Most importent is the OSD show you where home direction is and how much battery you have used.Go simpel until you have everything under controle in the air.
  • The important thing to bear in mind when buying one is if its compatible with the autopilot you are using. For example a DJI OSD will not be compatible with an ardupilot based system.
  • Many new fpv pilots who want to fly FPV buy the new and most advanced OSD / Autopilot for the FPV setup, but soon discover it’s an overkill.

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