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How to choose the best frame for quadcopter – Diy Quadcopter

What’s the best frame for quadcopter? Everyone has their own needs and want to choose the best frame for quadcopter. But it’s not simple to successfully find the best frame for your needs. Fortunately, We have collected and sorted some resouces, which will be sharing and helping you to choose then best frame.

Quadcopter frame types

There are many different types of motor configurations such as Monocopter, Twincopter, Tricopter (Good for smooth flying with fast response of yaw control), hexecopter (More power than a quad with slightly better yaw control), octocopter (Most powerful and reliable), Y6 (More lift and more reliable then a quad), X8 (Slightly more lift then a hex but more compact and reliable), each with different needs and benefits.

best frame for quadcopter

Today we will introduce quadcopter, which how simple and easy the designs are.

Before you choosing the best frame for quadcopter, have to know what you want it for? There are some common uses of quadcopter include:

  • Taking aerial videos or photograph : Big enough to lift a specific camera with tall landing gear.
  • FPV : Virtually indestructible with extra electronics and action cameras.
  • Mini drone : Very small and virtually indestructible.
  • Sport & Social (racing, aerobatics, impressing your friends)
  • More professional uses such as package delivery, agriculture
  • For research or personal robotics development

Quadcopter frame materials

how to choose the best frame for quadcopterMost available materials for the frame are:

  • Carbon Fiber
  • Aluminium
  • Wood, such as Plywood or MDF (Medium-density fibreboard)
  • Plastic & PVC
  • Fiberglass

Although it is not as important as for the arms which of the 5 material to use for the center plate, plywood is most commonly seen because of its the light weight, easy to work with and good vibration absorbing features.

But which quadcopter frame materials is the lightest? If only considered the materials weight, Plastic & PVC is the lightest one, but other factors also take a importance parts, such as price, signals, hardness, Resistance to fall off etc.

Lightest quadcopter frames table

Lisam LS-180Carbon Fiber180mm90gCheck Price
SCX 200Aluminium200mm89g$
GEPRC FPV GEP210Carbon Fiber210mm98gCheck Price
YKS DIY FullCarbon Fiber250mm141gCheck Price
ReadytoskyGlass fiber500mm405gCheck Price

We can found that Carbon Fiber is the most common materials for quadcopter frame. Becuase they are lightweight, small size, long lifetime and great intensity, effectively reduce vibration during flight, guaranteeing the flying ability of the Quadcopter.

Best frame for Quadcopter

Below are some of best frame for quadcopter for some commn types:

Related Best quadcopter frame choosing guide

Frame SizeProp SizeMotor SizeMotor KVLipo battery
120mm or smaller3 inch1104 – 11054000KV+80-800mAh 1s/2s
150mm – 160mm3-4 inch1306 – 14073000KV+600-900mAh 2s/3s
180mm4 inch1806 – 22042600KV+1000mah/1300 3s/4s
210mm5 inch2204 – 22062300KV-2700KV1000mah/1300m 3s/4s
250mm6 inch2204 – 22082000KV-2300KV1300-1800mAh 3s/4s
330mm – 350mm7, 8 inch2208 – 22121500KV-1600KV2200-3200mah 3s/4s
450mm – 500mm9,10,11 inch2212 – 2216800KV-1000KV3300mAh 4s or +

Choosing tips of best frame for Quadcopter

  • Complete Kits like these from 3DR are an intermediate step. They ensure you have all the parts you need, the final result will be very close to the RTF but they are slightly cheaper because you perform the frame assembly and flight controller configuration yourself.
  • After you have choose the quadcopter frame, it’s good idea to make sure that flight controller and motors will fit on your quadcopter frame. Because most frame manufactures also give you different specifications of quadcopter frame, which you have to see if it accommodates the board you’re using.

Now, you are able to choose the best frame for quadcopter, and make your personal quadcopter at home. If you have any more questions about quadcopter frame, Pls leave your comments on here.


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