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How to choose the best lipo battery for quadcopter

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Almost quadcopters only flight less than 30 minutes even fewer. Everyone who have a drone focused on the questions about flight time and anxious to know how to choose the best lipo battery for quadcopter?  Follow our quadcopter battery choosing guide please.
how to choose battery for quadcopter

Along with the development of the quadcopter technology, how to make height greater density Lipo battery faced with technological challenges. As such, we have to know how to choose the best lipo battery for quadcopter. If you are interested in, I would suggest you read on to find out.

Quadcopter suggestions related to Lipo battery

If you do not have a systematic method of choosing the best lipo battery for quadcopter, Here some Quadcopter suggestions related to lipo battery will be recommend to you as below.

quadcopter suggestions – related to Lipo
quadcopter Type Lipo Batteries
Mini quad lipo 80-800mAh 1s/2s
180 lipo 1000mah/1300mAh 3S/4S
210 lipo 1000mah/1300mAh 3S/4S
250 lipo 1300-1800mAh 3s/4s
280/290 lipo 1500-3300mAh 3s
330/360 lipo 2200-3200mah 4s
400 lipo 3200-3300mah 4S
450 lipo 3300mAh 4S
500 lipo 3300-5000mAh 4s
540 lipo 5000-5200mAh 4s
550/650/750mm lipo 5000-8000mAh 4s/5s/6s
800mm or big lipo 8000mah-30000mah 6s
It summarizes the experience of how to choose battery for quadcopter after analyzes quadcopter parameters by more experienced pilots.

Step 1, Choose the longest flight time battery for quadcopter

I believe that you have already know the Average Amp Draw of your quadcopter, if not, you have to work out it. Then through a battery calculator formula to get quadcopter flight times.

How to do it ? you should read my this post: How to calculate quadcopter flight times , It’s much important to choose battery for quadcopter.

Flight Time Calculator

Battery Capacity: mAh

Average Amp Draw: A

Flying time 80% rule:%

Flight Time: Minutes

Step 2, Consider the C-racing

To choose a suitable lipo battery for your quadcopter, you have to compare target c-rating and battery c-racing. In short, my principle is that battery c-racing  is greater than target c-rating but not too higher.

  • My target C-rating target calculations are based on an estimated draw at full power of motors and Props.
  • Battery c-racing are based on standard formula (Discharge Rating =Ah*C-rating ).

For example, I have a FPV racing 180 mini quad, my target c-rating is 65A from Cobra 2204 2300kv motors and HQ 4x4x3 props.

I choose gens ace 1050mAh 75C lipo pack. battery c-racing is 78.75A (=1.05Ah * 75C). It’s great for my mini quad.

battery for quadcopter

Step 3, Consider the price

If price were not a consideration, you should choose the lipo battery which provided  the longest flight time for quadcopter. This is also my selection criteria.

When considering the price, you have to make a value that is capacity per dollar ( capacity / price), Then choose the max one that is best for you.

For example, There are two battery A lipo battery 4s 75c 1500mAh is $38 and B lipo battery 4s 75c 1800mAh is $45. A capacity per dollar is 39.47(=1500/38) and B capacity per dollar is 40 (=1800/45), Therefore I will choose B lipo battery for my quadcopter.

How to choose the best lipo battery for quadcopter? It’s a hard job, through the above analysis, I hope you can resolve it and enjoy your flight times.

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