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Getting the best battery charger for quadcopter

Getting the best battery charger for quadcopter is crucial if you do not want to be left in the lurch while having fun with your drone. Many quadcopter owners are always plunged to limbo by the plethora of quadcopter battery chargers available in the market. Basically, getting the best battery charger is not an easy task given the fact that manufacturers seem unwilling to rest on their laurels when it comes to the creation of new products.

However, getting the best products does not have to be a daunting affair anymore; at least not when we have so much information on how to identify the best ones. I dusted off my shelves in an attempt to unravel some of the best battery chargers for your quadcopter. Before that, however, I will delve into some factors which you need to consider before buying any of them.

Recent developments have seen manufacturers flex their muscles to create some wonderful and advanced quadcopter battery chargers. Today, we have programmable battery chargers which mark a welcome departure from all the shortcomings associated with their previous counterparts. High speed, reliability, and wonderful functionality are all colorful words used to describe today’s generation of quadcopter battery chargers. However, there are those which have out-muscled the rest to emerge as the best.

Safety Precaution

Safety Precaution

Before I continue with this topic, I would like to point out that your safety when charging your quadcopter batteries is critical. There are numerous precaution all aimed at ensuring that your safety is not compromised. Personally, I use a Lipo guard which deals with flameouts and ensures total safety. I recommend you use it too for your own safety:

Factors to consider before purchasing a quadcopter battery charger

1. The cell count it can support:

It is of utmost importance for you to understand the cell count that your charger can support before you buy it. This is because the number of cell counts determines and affects various aspects of your charger.

2. Charge current rate:

The charge current rate is yet another important aspect that needs to be addressed before you purchase any quadcopter charger. A sufficient charge rate is the best for your battery. However, this does not mean that you should go for the charger with the highest current rate. Higher charge rate can make your battery to overheat. It can also affect the lifespan of your battery. In fact, you need to go for charge whose charge rate is not too high!

3. The charge power.

You also need to consider the charge power of any quadcopter battery before you purchase it. The power affects how fast your charger can charge your battery. At the same time, the power also determines whether the charge is able to charge any given battery or not. Basically, a charge with a low power cannot charge a battery that requires high power.

4. The number of battery type it can support:

You also need to consider how many battery types you can be able to charge using your charger. It would be quite inconveniencing for you to buy several battery chargers simply because the one you have can only charge one battery type.

5. Added features:

Added features also need to be considered when you are buying your battery charger. Added features bring added advantages. For instance, a charger with back LCD light, recharging options, precise reading and discharge options are more advantageous.

6. Extra safety features:

A charge that employs some safety features is also awesome. You need to ensure that the one you pick puts your safety first. It ought to have features like warning buzzer, over and undercharge prevention as well as temperature detection.

7. Extra technological features:

Extra technological features also present added advantages. Some charges have programmable features while others present computer connection and a Graphical User Interface (GUI). These technological features make the battery even better.

8. The power supply:

The power supply also needs to be considered when you are purchasing any charger. While some chargers come with built-in charge supply systems, others require you to purchase a power supply cable. This might be quite expensive at times and I would suggest you consider the cost of the charge and the power supply cable before purchasing it.

9. The cost:

The cost of any quadcopter battery charger is also an important factor to be considered. However, it should never be used as the only indicator as to whether a charger is worth buying or not.

10. The quality:

Quality is obviously an important aspect whenever you are buying anything. And yes, quadcopter battery chargers are not an exception. You need to ensure that they are of the highest quality.

The best quadcopter battery charger brands

1. SkyRC iMAX B6AC V2 charger:

SkyRC iMAX B6AC V2 charger

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If you are looking for a battery charger whose performance is out of the question, this is the product to go for. With this charge, you will not only charge your batteries but also monitor the entire charging process. It also gives you an opportunity to charge several batteries simultaneously not to mention that it can support various battery types. It is simply amazing!

2. Holy Stone 5-in-1 USB Charger:

Holy Stone 5-in-1 USB Charger

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Holystone is a cheap quadcopter battery charger! However, the price is not the only thing that will strike you about this battery charger. The technological, current charge rate and cell count are off-the-hook. Safety is a thumbs-up and its ability to charge numerous battery options makes it quite impressive. You need to try it out!

3. DBPOWER 5-Pack Charger:

DBPOWER 5-Pack Charger

DBPOWER is another awesome brand. If you are looking for something worth your cash, this is the package to go for. With an ability to charge numerous batteries provided they are compatible, you can never be wrong about it.

4. T439 Charger:

T439 Charger

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This is yet another reputable name in the market. With an impressive charge power, it also offers amazing current charge rate and various charging options. You can use it on various batteries and safety is also ensured. You can charge up to 5 batteries at the same time.

5. Venom Pro 2 charger:

Venom Pro 2 charger

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Venom pro 2 is also another brand which is worth your price. Given its advanced technological application, it is quite reliable. If you are looking for a reliable battery charger for your quadcopter, go for it!

Which is the best charger?

If asked this question, I would go for SkyRC IMAX B6AC V2 without a second thought. First, its quality is unparalleled and secondly, the charge current rate and power are quite impressive. Armed with this information, you can be sure to have an awesome time with your quadcopter. Just make sure that you get the best battery charger for your quadcopter!

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