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How to get the best quadcopter motor brands?

How to get the best quadcopter motor brandsWhether you get the best propellers in the world or simply fish out for the greatest ESC on the planet, with a poorly performing motor, you are bound to see your quadcopter turn to ashes sooner than later.

What does that tell you? That simply means that the motor is one of the most crucial components in your quadcopter. For that reason, you need work with the best quadcopter motor brands. Getting the best quad’s motor is sometimes one heck of an issue given their high numbers.

For this reason, we need to indulge in a comprehensive and thorough analysis of all the nitty-gritty factors to be considered when choosing the best brands.

We also need to address issues like how to know the best brands, what to look for in these best brand and how to test whether they are, indeed, what you need. And yes, we also need to know how the size of your quadcopter affects the motor you choose.

Looks like one broad topic, right? Let’s break it into sections for a proper and accurate dissection of each bit.

How does the size of your quadcopter/propeller affect the motor you choose?

Before I answer this question, I know that “quadcopter/propeller” is bound to raise eyebrows. This is not a typing error and neither are the two words synonymous. However, there is a reason as to why I placed them that way. The reason is; the size of your quadcopter corresponds to the size of your propeller. In fact, I should put it this way; they are directly proportional.

For that reason, increase in one means an increase in the other and the vice versa.

Now, back to our question; the size of your propeller determines the type of motor you choose in these two ways.

1 way . Your motor ought to have enough power to spin the propellers and so, the larger the propeller, the higher the power your motor should possess. That means that if you choose large propellers, then you’ve got to choose the brand that offers powerful motors. The vice versa is also true.2 way. The size of your quadcopter affects its weight. It, therefore, follows that the size of your quadcopter affects the weight of the motor you choose as well. You probably do not want to choose a motor that weighs more the rest of the quadcopter. (Just an extreme elaboration). This means that you have to choose the brand whose weight corresponds to the size of your quadcopter.

What factors should you consider when choosing a given quadcopter motor brand?

This is the most crucial part. To get the best motor for your quadcopter, you need to factor in several aspects. They include:

1. The overall estimated weight of your quadcopter.

This has been well illustrated in the above section. It is crystal clear that the overall weight of your quadcopter affects the type of motor you choose.

2. Weight to thrust ratio.

Here, we apply the thumb rule which dictates that the thrust should be twice the weight. While the right ratio, it is very easy to control your quadcopter. However, a low thrust makes it hard for the quadcopter to take off. And yes, a high thrust would also make controlling quite hard. For that reason, you need to choose a motor whose thrust to weight ratio is appropriate.

3. The motor size and KV.

The KV and motor size are quite crucial since they determine how effective the motor is. The KV, as earlier mentioned, affects the ability of the motor to spin the propeller. On the other side, the taller and wide the size, the higher the torque produced.

4. N and P.

N and P are quite crucial when it comes to choosing a given quadcopter motor. You must have come across something like “10N12P”. That simply means that the motor has 10 electromagnets and 12 permanent magnets denoted by letters N and P respectively. These are quite crucial for a motor and they determine how effective the motor is.

Other important parameters you need to consider when choosing your quadcopter motor include:

1. Voltage.

2. Thrust.

3. Efficiency.

4. Current draw.

5. Response.

6. Props.

7. Vibration.

8. Temperature.

9. Type of magnet.

10. The shaft.

If you want to know more chosing motor, please click here how to choose motor for quadcopter.

What are some great quadcopter motor brands in the market?

1. DYS BE1104

DYS BE1104With an awesome weight, this quadcopter motor is quite reliable. Perhaps the most amazing factor is its KV rating which gives options depending on the desired output. And yes, with the weight to thrust ratio being convenient, coupled with the fact that the shaft is uniquely outstanding, you can trust it with your quadcopter.

The vibration and current being optimum, it performs quite effectively. Perhaps you should look at the analysis below for a proper understanding of what this quadcopter motor can do.

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DYS motor technical data

2. EMAX RS1306 KV

Coming with an awesome electromagnetic force, it can yield enough power to run your quadcopter effectively. And yes, its unique suction design ensures that the overall temperatures are drastically reduced in order to yield awesome results.

It is designed to offer amazing results and can pull up to 340 kg. Check the table below for a complete analysis of each aspect.

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Emax motor data

3. EMAX RS2205 KV

EMAX RS2205 KVUsing N52 magnets, this quadcopter motor is quite effective as well. It ensures high performance and guarantees optimum results.

With active cooling fins which gradually reduce temperatures, coupled with its great weight, this quadcopter motor will simply impress you. And yes, it is a dual lock working with both CW and CCW frames. Check the analysis below for a better understanding.

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EMAX RS2205 KV table

4. DYS SE2205 KV

DYS SE2205 KVAnd lastly, we have DYS SE2205 which is also quite impressive.

Given its KV rating coupled with its performance, it is a quadcopter motor you can trust. And yes, with a great electromagnetic force, it offers amazing functionality.

You can check the table below for an in-depth analysis of each parameter.

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DYS SE2205 KV table

Other popular quadcopter motor brands include:


Cobra brushless motors are designed to offer performance and value for your quadcopter. Built from some high-quality components, they provide top-level performance for years. Featuring an integrated motor shaft, they ensure that prop adapters do not spin off during operation.

FPV model

These are high quality and affordable brushless motors widely used for quadcopters as well as other multirotors. Offering both CW and CCW frame options, they integrate high power N42 magnets and CNC machining.


With a convenient weight, this is a brushless motor brand that offers some of the greatest motors for your quadcopter and other multirotors in the market. With an awesome shaft and exemplary KV rating, perhaps you need to try it out.


This is a high-efficiency brushless motor which offers the best spinning power. Given its weight coupled with its awesome shaft and extra long leads, this is a great quadcopter motor.

LD power.

Designed for FPV drones, this high power and high quality quadcopter motor is engineered with high quality magnets and bearings for an outstanding performance. Brushless in nature, they are not only high quality but also come in a pocket-friendly price. With CNC motor cases, they are quadcopter motors worth trying oiut.


Given their price coupled with a 3S LIPO battery and a diameter of 23mm, this is a quadcopter motor whose performance is unparalelled. With an awesome shaft of 2mm and an awesome weight, this is a product you can trust.


Rapidly gaining a reputation in the quadcopter world, this motor is well designed for your quadcopter as well as multirotor. Brushless in nature, they come with prop spinner and mounts for exemplary performance. With an ability to generate a high thrust of up to 2kg, you can trust them with your large quadcopter.


Xnova is a brand that has been refreshing its wide range of quadcopter motors day in day out. Providing high performance and a quality which is second to none, you can try these quadcopter motors for impressive results.


With an impressive 2300KV and an awesome stator length, this is a quadcopter motor worth trying out. At a pocket-friendly price, this is a motor for anyone looking for a quality product without having to dig deeper into their pockets.


To use these high quality quadcopter motors, all you need to do is use the correct propeller sizes since using wrong propeller size could affect their performance. However, they are an amazing quadcopter motor brand worth your cash.


Providing an impressive performance and a longer flight time, T-motors are the most ideal motors for your quadcopter if you want your quadcopter to stay in the air for a long time. Designed to ensure the least temperature increase which translates to less heating up, they are quite reliable.

Tornado T1

Tornado T1 motor is simply fascinating. With an aweome magnet which provides an impressive electromagnetic power, you can trust them with your quadcopter. In fact Tornado T1 motors are well built for awesome performance.

Lumenier RX

Designed to give top of the line performance for all your RC models, these quadcopters are not just unique but exemplary. They are engineered from ground up to offer reliable power and enough spinning ability for your quadcopter. Given their strong stainless steel shaft, they are what you need.


Storm quadcopter motors are designed to offer the best prop spinning for your quadcopter. And yes, designed to conveniently work with props of different sizes, you can always have them for a quadcopter of any size.


RCX are brushless quadcopter motors which are designed for smaller multirotors and quadcopters. Small yet powerful, they have a capability of running your quadcopter for a considerable amount of time.


Eachine quadcopter motors offer an awesome flight time as well as an amazing performance. In fact, their performance is top-notch and have been able to earn a reputation with most quadcopter manufacturers.


Racerstar are the perfect quadcopter motors for your fast moving quadcopter., With an amazing shaft, their KV rating is exemplary. And yes, the price is pocket-friendly. Try them today for a chance to enjoy amazing performance.


With a long term reputation, hobbywing are quadcopter motors whose track record speaks volunes. Having provided best results for along time, you can trust them as well.

In conclusion

I must point out that getting the best quadcopter motor is the best decisions for any quadcopter owner. This is because the motor directly or indirectly affects how the other parts work.

For this reason, you need to ensure that you use the above-mentioned guidelines trio get the best item. Base on above listing about best quadcopter motor brands, do you know which brand will be chosen for your quadcopter?

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