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How to get best fpv goggles for phantom 3 & 4

best fpv goggles for phantom 3 & 4 When you are looking for the best FPV goggles for Phantom 3 & 4, you need to be careful. Given their high numbers, getting the best ones is a daunting affair.

For this reason, you need to understand several details about them when looking for the best product. You need to be conversant with some of the key parameters to look for. And yes, you also need to consider the purpose of purchasing them.

Let’s get down to business and unravel some of the best products in the market, how to identify them and factors to consider before making any purchases. Of course, price and quality are the major aspects most of us look for. However, these two parameters are never enough and we need to know more.

What to look for when getting the best FPV goggles for Phantom 3 & 4

  • The screen size: The field of View commonly referred to as FOV is a major determinant of whether an FPV goggle is the best or not. The screen determines how big and clear you will be able to view images. And yes, given the fact that the entire idea of using FPV goggles is to gain clarity, it follows that you need to get FPV goggles with the biggest screen size.
  • The resolution: This is yet another important parameter you need to consider before labelling any FPOV goggle as the best. The pixel dimension is quite crucial since it affects how clear an image appears. For this reason, get FPV goggles with the best resolution. In a jiffy, get the ones with the highest resolution!
  • Their video receiver frequency: I must point out that this is an important parameter that can never be overlooked. Failure to adhere to the correct video receiver frequency could jeopardize the entire operation of your Phantom. You need to ensure that your FPV goggles have a frequency which is compatible with that of the receiver you plan to use.
  • Lipo Batteries: Batteries are yet another important aspect that you need to consider when purchasing FPV goggles. Although most FPV goggles have their batteries attached to them, it is important to take note of their quality and how long they can last. This will help you minimize the frequency at which you will be replacing them.
  • Goggles Price: The price is also crucial when you are getting the best product. However, you need to be careful when using price as a consideration. This is because it could be misguiding at times. You do not necessarily have to pick the cheapest or the most expensive FPV goggle. All you need to do is ensure that the price is convenient and worth it.

Which are the best goggles for your Phantom 3 & 4?

Let’s take a look at some awesome goggles which guarantee impressive results.

1. Skyzone 3D goggles

Skyzone is a reputable provider of high quality FPV products. Their FPOV goggles are quite impressive.

If you are looking for something great, you have to get these 3D goggles which have an impressive resolution and image clarity.

2. Zeiss cinemizer goggles

Zeiss Cinemizer goggles are not new to the market. In fact, they are rapidly becoming a household name among most phantom owners.

And why is it so? Well, their products are of a very high quality. The screen re4solution, Field of view and clarity are all impressive. Try them today and you will love them

3. Fatshark dominator V3 goggles

Fatshark is yet another reputable company that has shot to the top of the market for quality FPV goggles.

Their dominator V3 goggles are not only quality but also come in a convenient price. And yes, their clarity and battery life are out of the question!

4. Quanum DIY goggles

As the name suggest, these DIY goggles give you an opportunity to customize the entire process.

If you are looking for quality and user friendly FPV goggles or simply looking for FPV goggles which come in a pocket-friendly price, these are what you need to go for.

5. Boscam GS920 goggles

Boscam GS920 goggles are also quite impressive.

If you are looking for something with impressive resolution and awesome clarity, they are what you should get. And yes, they also have an impressive battery life!

Which are the cheapest FPV goggles for phantom 3 & 4?

1. Eachine EV800 fpv goggles

Going for less than $100, I believe that these are a great start for any amateur.

They come with earphone and an auto switch which enhance their functionality. With their built-in 5.8 GHz receiver, they will definitely impress you.

They are also built with high power fiber optic which makes them quite reliable.

2. Eachine VR D2 fpv goggles

These are yet other impressive products available for you.With a white noise and a snow screen, you will love them. Given their price, I would say that they are quite affordable for their quality.

They come with a dual receiver which enhances signal strength and stability. And les, they also support lens adjustability for those with visual impairments. With their comfortable face sponge, you will enjoy every moment you use them!

3. WSX F01 fpv goggles

These FPV goggles are also equipped with dual receiver. Given their price which is also less than $100, their quality is quite amazing.

They are able to boost signal strength hence enhancing clarity.

FPV goggles comparison table

FPV gogglesFatshark


Eachine EV800Skyzone


Resolution800×480 WVGA800×480 HD854X480


800×480 HD
Field of View30°up to 82°60°30°
Frequency720p 50/60 Hz5.8GHz 40ch5658M5745M
Head TrackingYesNOYesunknown
Headset ColourBlue-whiteGrayBlackBlack
One screen


IPD59 to 69 mmunknown59-69mmunknown
Battery7.4v 1800 mAh3.7V/2000mAh7.4V 800mAh7.4V 1600
Weight152 g349g(battery)190g300g
Where to buyShop Best FPV goggles for phantom

Common questions for looking FPV goggles

  1. Which is the best screen type for FPV goggles?

    This is a question bound to pop up when you are addressing the issue on FPV goggles. Although the best screen type could vary depending on one’s preferences, I would go for OLED screens as opposed to the common Led ones. This is because OLED screens offer a better quality than their LED made counterparts.

  2. Does my visual impairment affect the kind of FPV goggle I can use?

    For those of us with visual impairments like short-sightedness and long-sightedness, there might be some few hurdles when it comes to getting appropriate goggles. However, I must point out that those who are ling sighted have no reason to worry at all. For those with a short sight condition, you need to use diopter lenses to correct your view.

  3. Are the most expensive FPV goggles the best?

    I would say that the most expensive goggles might not be the best in the market but that does not mean that they are not worth their price. You need to consider their features before making any decision.

How do you setup your DJI phantom 3 or 4?

Although you might be aware of the entire setup process for your DJI phantom 3 or 4, setting up the goggles is quite a task at times. However, you don’t need to panic anymore. There is any easy way out of the complicated procedures. You require:

1. HTMI goggles.

2. Drone.

3. Iphone/android phone.

4. VR headsets

5. Litchi app

Once you have all these requirements, the first step is for you to boot up the phone with litchi app.

FPV Camera for DJI

After that, hit the VR icon that appears on the app. Follow the steps and your headsets will be set and ready to go!

VR icon that appears on the app

You also need to enable head tracking. At this point, your drone is ready to start flying. With the VR headsets installed, put them on and start the process. Watch this video for a complete guide.


In a nutshell, before you get any FPV goggles for your phantom 3 & 4, you need to look at each feature keenly. Armed with this information, I believe that you are in a good position to get the best products in the market.

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