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FPV250 build – How to make a quadcopter (part 2)

FPV250 build is not too difficult. If you just got into FPV Racing, and looking to build your first FPV250 mini quadcopter, this post should be useful for you. It will tell you how to make a fpv 250 mini quadcoper step by step.

How to make a quadcoper part 1 was telled you how to begin before you making a quadcopter and What do you need to know before to build a quadcopter. After you know how to choose all the parts, it’s time to building mini FPV quadcoper by yourself.

What’s Mini FPV quadcopter?

FPV is more and more popular, Mini FPV is one styles of quadcopter, what’s Mini FPV quadcoper? There are no golden rule to define it, but i think Mini FPV quadcoper is the size below 300mm. Today will tell you FPV250 build by yourself, if you are interested in it,g o ahead.

FPV250 build

Parts List for FPV250 build

Let’s begin step by step,First about choosing quadcopter parts.It’s hard work searching for components, The right choice and A bold attempt is half success for FPV250 build . Some components are closely related to each other,and by choosing one component might limit the choices of other components.In this post I compiled a list of parts for FPV250 build as below.

  • Frame:diy
  • Flight Controller:naze32, flashed with cleanflight
  • Motor:4 * 2206-2150kv baby beast, hobbyking
  • ESC :4 * 12 amps afro
  • Propellers : 4 * 5030
  • LiPo Battery :1400 mah tattu or hobbyking
  • FPV Camera:1 hd camera, mobius
  • FPV Transmitter:1 analog video transmitter with antenna immersionrc
  • Receiver: frsky tfr6
  • Recording Camera :cmos mini, hobbyking
  • Voltage Regulator / Power Filter


  • 1 lipo alarm
  • 1 power distribution cable, hobbyking
  • 1 “dirty” frame, laser cut from 6 mm poplar plywood
  • 1 “clean” frame bottom, laser cut from 2 mm birch plywood
  • 1 “clean” frame top, laser cut from 2mm birch plywood
  • 2 motor mounts top, motors 1 and 3, 3d printed
  • 2 motor mounts top, motors 2 and 4, 3d printed
  • 2 motor mounts bottom, motors 1 and 3, 3d printed
  • 2 motor mounts bottom, motors 2 and 4, 3d printed
  • 6 vibration damping ball, 80 g, hobbyking
  • 6 hex spacers, 29 mm, hobbyking
  • 12 bolts, m3 x 6 mm
  • 12 bolts, m3 x 20 mm (3 per motor is enough)
  • 4 bolts, m3 x 16 (nylon)
  • 8 nuts, m3 (nylon)
  • 4 lock nuts, m4
  • 1 alpha gel, 30 x 30 x 5
  • 1 alpha gel, 60 x 20 x 5
  • 2 velcro straps
  • lots of zip ties

By the way, This post is reprinted from instructables.com by muellerr.ch , Thanks for him. If have any questions, please contact us (jack@rcdronegood.com). Thank you!

There are so many parts for FPV250 build ,get them ready for diy and Next part will be even more interesting. So stay tuned.

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