FPV Performance Upgrades Guide

FPV Performance Upgrades just like a real car upgrade let you more comfortable and become confident in your control.

When you pursue the full experience of FPV, you should upgrade equipment of drone. That’s the reason I write this article to share my experience on here.

FPV Performance Upgrades
FPV Performance Upgrades

FPV Flight Time Upgrades

Whether you join a racing event or weekend flight, all the pilots pursue longer flight time. More time you can get more funny things and good experiences, but in fact, most of drone only can fly less than 30 mins, even less than 5 mins for FPV racing. That’s why many pilots tend to extend their drone flight time.

How to upgrade you FPV flight time?

Previously, I wrote a artile about 10 tips to keep your drone flying, telling you 10 ways to extend your flight time. In my experience, there are many facts impact the result, including all your drone parts matching situations, the weather, camera weight & your flight skills etc.

But the most important is choosing the right battery, high performance upgrade battery is good for your FPV to help you reaching more longer flight time. How to select? Best Drone Battery Choosing Guide, After reading this article you will how to choose the high performance battery.

How to choose the best drone battery
How to choose the best drone battery

FPV Experience Upgrades

The basic feature of FPV is high speed, which have become a popular sport event in all over the world. Not only that, you can get the first view through the equipment goggle.

These good experience depend on your setup of camera, antenna and goggle.

Carry a high resolution HD camera help you to capture the beautiful possible footage and excellent color rendition images. Highly recommended Runcam FPV racing camera, supper light weight and high stability,nice image with good color quality.

Antennas help you to increase the range and directionality of signal transmission. A excellent antennas have sufficient frequencies in order to capture HD quality pictures. Highly recommended Crazepony FPV Panel Antenna 5.8G, its frequency: 5600-5950MHz Gain-dBi: 14dBi, specially designed for FPV at any angle.

Want to get more clearly views and more comfortable? Goggle is the best choose for you. Once you wear the goggle you can see what your camera seeing on the screen. As we known, Fat Shark is excellent provider of goggle, The Dominator V3 Headset is the workhorse of FPV racing pros, Supporting up to 720p HDMI or modular analog streams, the Dominator V3 boasts a 30 degree field of view on a 16:9-format WVGA screen.

Drone Building Guide, check out this post aboutFull FPV Experience Read Now

FPV Night Flying Upgrades

FPV night fly is an experience that is completely off the beaten track. In order to do that you should setup a Spotlight LED lamp that can help you to control accurately the drone orientation. Beside that, its bright right also can help you looking for FPV, when you lost control it.

FPV performance upgrades is good for your full experiences, above listed can help you approach perfect flight, whenever and whereever you will fall in love it, more freedom and more comfortable to control your drone and to a new higher level.

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