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FPV Goggles vs Monitor which is better?

FPV goggles vs monitor, which is better? Okay, this is a rather tricky question which, in most cases, boils down to personal preferences. Although each one of these two items has its own benefits and shortcomings, the decision to settle for any of them is always based on one’s preferences, finances, and expected outcome.

However, after squinting at some major differences between the two, I think that one of them is generally better than the other. Before I disclose my pick, I will take you through some basic considerations I used to select it. The questions we need to answer before we settle for any of them include:

1. Are its advantages more than its disadvantages?
2. Does it fulfill our requirements?

After you have answered these questions, you will, obviously, be in a better position to pick the best option for your FPV drone. To answer these questions, we need to have extensive information concerning each one of them. For that reason, we need to adequately dissect each of these two items step by step in order to get reliable facts about them.

FPV Goggles vs Monitor

FPV monitor

What is an FPV monitor? Well, this is a small and quite portable screen which is mainly used for photography on drone cameras. It allows you to see what your drone is seeing! At the same time, it gives you an opportunity to decide on the nature of the image your drone takes. It gives you an opportunity to take video and also control the drone.

FPV monitor


1. They are pocket-friendly:

One outstanding aspect of FPV monitors is the fact that they are quite cheap. They are pocket friendly which makes them quite reliable. Perhaps this is the reason that has seen their demand shoot up rapidly in the recent past. And yes, they continue to scale the heights as far as customer demands are concerned. Given the fact that FPV monitor manufacturers seem unwilling to sit of their laurels; we are bound to see better ones coming out soon.

2. Allow several viewers at the same time:

It is quite interesting to have an experience with these FPV monitors alone but using it with friends around you makes the experience even more exciting. And yes, FPV monitors give you an opportunity to view it with your friends. This makes the entire experience more interesting. You do not have to keep passing it from one person to another.

3. Gives you an opportunity to get a clear view of the situation:

FPV monitors give the user an opportunity to capture the situation as it is up there. It gives the user an opportunity to control everything as it happens. This makes FPV monitors quite interesting to use.


1. Visibility is altered in a surrounding with heavy sunlight:

The main disadvantage of using FPV monitors is the fact that visibility is affected especially in areas with brighter light. For this reason, you are forced to use it in an enclosed area. This is quite inconveniencing at times. However, when it is used in less bright areas, this is never an issue to worry about.

FPV Goggles

What is an FPV goggle? Well, FPV goggles basically give you an opportunity to get virtually immersed in video plotting. They come with a head mounted goggle system which has some small in-built screens and lenses. They are quite effective are also gaining popularity with most drone owners lately.

FPV Goggles skyzone


1. Blocks sunlight. With FPV goggles, sunlight never poses an issue at all. This is because they are designed to adequately block excess sunlight. This way, they enable the user to have a clear view even in the brightest day. This makes them quite convenient for outdoor use.

2. They are lighter. Portability is always an important aspect when it comes to outdoor activities. When flying your drone, portable items are a necessity since you are bound to keep moving from one point to another. With FPV goggles being quite portable, they are quite convenient.

3. Are more immersive. FPV goggles get you into the action! They make you feel like you are actually flying your drone. This makes them quite impressive and fun to use. This is one of the things about FPV goggles which has made them so popular with most drone owners.

4. They are smaller in size. Their size makes them quite conveniently for use. They come in a size that allows for easy movement from one place to another. This makes them quite portable and user-friendly.

5. They use less battery. Their battery use is low. This is because they do not involve enormous technicalities like the monitor. This saves you the need of having to constantly replace the batteries. This makes them convenient for use too.


1. They might get greasy at times. At times, it is possible for FPV goggles to get greasy which makes them quite uncomfortable for use. However, this is never a major concern since a simple cleaning can solve it. However, it is quite disturbing when they get greasy while you are in the field and you have nothing to clean them up with.

2. They are slightly disorienting at first! Another thing about FPV goggles is the fact that they are quite disorienting when you start using them. However, this situation does not last for long since it stops once you get used to them. This means that it is not a major concern!

FPV Goggles vs Monitor; which is better?

As earlier pointed out, after looking at all the advantages and disadvantages of each one of these two items, I settled for monitor the best one for me. However, I would like to take this opportunity to point out that this is an entirely personal opinion. As such, anyone can always go for any of the two items provided they are okay with it. For instance, if you want portability and enhanced immersion, you can go for FPV goggles. However, if you want an item you can use with numerous friends, you need to get a monitor.

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In a jiffy, it all boils down to what we want. For that reason, my pick does not necessarily have to be yours as well. However, you only need to ensure that you pick what works best for you.

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