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FPV goggles comparison table – Diy quadcopter

Base on the FPV goggles comparison table of good brands Fatshark, Eachine, Skyzone, UFO , you will find out that which is the best fpv goggles. Fpv goggles comparison of features including video resolution, FOV, frequency, Head Tracking Technology, Headset Colour, Compatibility, One screen Display, Video Recording, IPD and onther things etc. When using the right fpv goggles you will feel more enjoyable and more comfortable.

fpv goggles comparison - fatchark

Best Goggles for FPV Racing

What FPV goggles are popular?

As we know that there are a lot of FPV goggles coming out in the market, you were dazzled by the variety of the goggles and you do not know what brands are more puoular? Here some good brands of fpv goggles are recommended for diy quadcopter fpv by some pilots , There ere Fatshark, Eachine, Skyzone, UFO etc. In order to help you to find out which one is the best one, We plan to make a fpv goggles comparison table today, go ahead.

What performances of FPV goggles you should know?

Video Resolution

Just like our normal computer display screen monitor, the more higher of the resolution the more better for your eyes. In a general way , FPV goggles resolution rangs from 320 x 240 to 854 x 480, maybe more higher will come out in the market in the future such as HD goggles. But now is enough and common is from 640 x 480 to 854 x 480,

FPV Field of View

Field of view as kown as FOV, it mean the angle from the edges of the screen to the centre point of your eyes. The higher the better, the common FPV goggles FOV rangs from 35+ to 70 degree view.

fpv goggles comparion - EachineFrequency

Video Receiver Frequency, it is a radio waves which determines whether can comes to penetrating objects and obstacles such as trees. The lower the better and the common FPV goggles Frequency rangs from 2.8 – 5.8 GHz, But 900 MHz are illegal to used in quadcopter in some other countries.

Head Tracking Technology

Alow the pilot of FPV quadcopter to control the movement of the camera in the quadcopter, so that the camera moves around accurately and smoothly as the pilots move their heads.It creates an even more immersive FPV experience, giving the user more control to the FPV quadcopter as well as the video. Most of the high end quadcopter with a rotating camera has a head tracking technology built-in.

Headset Colour

FPV goggles headset colour become more and more diversified for choosing, such as black,white,silver colours, You can select one based on personal preference. But black colour are not recommended because under the sun, they will become very hot.

fpv goggles comparison - SkyzoneCompatibility

Some good FPV goggles brands ensure a level of compatibility to reduce disruptions to the applications, Usually popular brands do have a wide range of compatibility. You should check the specs of goggles before you shopping it.

One screen Display

Though it’s not necessary overloading the user with too much information in the screen, but you shoul make sure the ground speed, the altitude, vertical velocity as well flight time as well as the battery voltage right on the screen. You can easily access the data from one screen of FPV goggles without the negative influence of external interruptions or distractions.

Video Recording

It will recod your flight trace on your SD card each time and each flight. This is really good because In case you crash, you can rewind and find out where you landed.

Inter-pupillary distance (IPD)

As known as IPD. It’s the distance between the centre of the pupils of the two eyes. Having IPD adjustable helps both eye pupils to be positioned within the exit pupils of the viewing system. The common FPV goggles IPD rangs from 57 to 73.

fpv goggles comparion - Skyzone sky02
Why we have to make the FPV goggles comparison?

In order to find out the right fpv goggle for our quadcopter, We should doing research on this topics now and make more details FPV goggles comparison table. Through FPV goggles comparison table analysis from different brands ,there are many significant results will be obtained. Below is comparison table of features, which from best-selling of FPV goggle’s good brands such as Fatshark, Eachine, Skyzone, UFO.

FPV goggles comparison table

FPV gogglesDominator

V3 FPV Goggles

Eachine EV800

FPV Goggles

Skyzone SKY02

FPV Glasses


FPV Glasses

Resolution800 x 480 WVGA800 x 480 HD854X480 WVGA800 x480 HD
Field of View30°up to 82°60°30°
Frequency720p 50/60 Hz5.8GHz 40ch5658M5745M
Head TrackingYesNOYesunknown
Headset ColourBlue-whiteGrayBlackBlack
One screen


IPD59 to 69 mmunknown59-69mmunknown
Battery7.4v 1800 mAh3.7V/2000mAh7.4V 800mAh7.4V 1.6Ah
Weight152 g349g(battery)190g300g
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Conclusion for FPV goggles comparison

Product weight ,price and quadcopter battery for fpv goggles are Other Things to Consider. First, it must be very light, the lighter the better and more comfortable. Battery are built-in battery which should provide more power to satisfy your flight time, otherwise, which minimizes the full flight time fun to be had.

You maybe have a budget to buy a lot of parts for diy quadcopter fpv, you have to shopping them in line with budgetary constraints. So you should buy an FPV goggle that it’s worth the price and best suits your needs.

After you check out the FPV goggles comparison table data, maybe you already know that which one you will choose. The immersive flying experience, It is much more enjoyable and more funny to use with the aide of FVP goggles.

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