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How to find the best place to buy quadcopter parts

Nowadays shopping online is popular among youg people, but at the same time, there are so many online shops that you do not know which one is the best and how to find the best place to buy quadcopter parts. You’ll quite often hear about these websites: Hobbyking, Amainhobby, Horizon hobby, Tower hobby, Hobbypartz, Hobbypeople, Gensace, Hobbytown etc. But the more you know, the more confused you will get.

For this reason, I have listed best places to buy quadcopter parts for you. You could purchase the quadcopter parts from them, which are trustworthy.

What parts need to buy for bulding a quadcopter?

When you want to build a quadcopter or crashing your drone, but whatever the causes, you need to buy some parts to buid or replace it. For making a quadcopter, there are many components you have to buy.

  • Frame, The frist thing you should consider what your quadcopter use for? frame types, size and materials etc.
  • Flight controller, As a brain you should consider flying style,aspects of flight and price.
  • Motors, Before purchasing them, you should know the required thrust per motor and the motor efficiency.
  • Lipo battery, You just need to choose the right battery and longest flight time, then, you should consider the c-racing and the price.
  • ESC, Two parameters you should consider, there are max amp rating and voltage from battery.
  • Propellers, The best way is that read motor thrust data then you will know what you need to buy.
  • Receiver and transmitter, You should know the number of channels, appropriate mode and frequency.
  • Other parts: camera, antenna, goggle, osd, charger etc.

Yes, as you can see, there are so many quadcopter parts you need to buy, the quality of these products influence the application of your quadcopter. So where place to buy these quadcopter parts is becoming more important.

How to know which is the best place?

This is an essential part of choosing the best place to buy your quadcopter parts. How to know which one is the best place? Now go into the details of the solution, In summary, there’re some findings as follows:

#1 Analyzed it by similarweb.com

What is similarweb? It’s a tool for comparing website traffic statistics & analytics,and very famous and high in reliability.

For example,

1. Open similarweb.com then input a website domain, which you want to know. eg. Hobbyking.com

2. Check the key parameters: Global Rank (Traffic rank of site,the smaller the better.), Total Visits (Per month)

purchase quadcopter parts form B2C

hobbyking.com Global Rank very high is #6,613 and Total Visits is 5.4M per month. Wow~~~.

#2 Registration Date

Second, Registration date is another key parameter, the more older the more valuable. You can check a website registration date by www.whois.com.

For example,

1.Visit whois.com and then input your website domain on the search box of upper right corner.

2.The result will be displayed , you will very easy find out “Registration Date” as below image.

hobbyking Registration Date

#3 Where are the company and warehouse?

If you want to purchase quadcopter parts online, you maybe worry about the service and shipping time. Yes, Reliability and after-sales service are all very important.

If you are caught in some problems when using quadcopter products, The local company or warehouse will provided better or faster service for you.

#4 Type of the website

Type of website is very important, which determine
if it is professional. In my opinion, there are three types of website: Aggregate,one category, Brand site.

For example,

Hobbyking is a professional rc hobby online shop, which the type belong to one category; Ebay sell all sort of things, which is a aggregate website; Genstattu only sell his own brand lipo battery, so it is a brand online website.

Best place to buy quadcopter parts

Hobbyking6,6135.40M2002-3-10RC & DroneUSA/Europe


Amainhobby43,087855.1K2004-4-14RC & DroneUSA
Horizonhobby30,6611.50M1996-4-8RC & DroneUSA
Tower hobby19,7631.80M1995-8-9RC & DroneUSA
Hobbypartz206,905151K2005-12-26RC & DroneUSA
Hobbytown60,177542.8k1996-2-6RC & DroneUSA
Genstattu392,880109.1K2014-2-20Lipo BatteryUSA / Europe
There are so many online shop, here am different an enumerate, to name a few. I often shopping from them. But which is the best place to buy quadcopter parts? Obviously, there is no one single answer for this question.

If you want to sort of things not only quadcopter parts but also lifestyle products, you could shop them from Ebay or Bestbuy etc; If you only buy quadcopter and rc hobby parts, I suggest you purchase them from Hobbyking or Aminhobby etc; If you only buy quadcopter lipo battery, Genstattu is more professional and recommended for you.

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