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Fastest Drone: Top 5 Fastest Racing Quad In The World

Previously, The current world record for the fastest drone at 224.9 miles/hour on a calm day. How fast can a drone fly? who can refresh the record? I make a huge amount research on website blog and Youtube, I surprisingly found that the fastest racing quad can reach the speed 250mph,which was breaking the original high speed record, so crazy!

Therefore, it’s necessary to share these top 5 fastest racing drone information I collected for you guys, who want to build the fastest racing drone for event and fun. I believe it will be helpful to you for reference.

#1 The Fastest Drone


Below are the setting parts:

  • The plane: Foam Multiplex Funjet ultra. [Know more about the fastest plane]
  • The motor: Leopard 36x74mm in-runner 2650kv.
  • The battery: Turnigy Graphene 3000mah 6s.
  • The ESC: Hobbyking 200amp max.
  • The prop: Graupner speed 7×7.
When the electric at 300amps, it is burning around 6,000 watts, which produces a calculated 8 horsepower.

This speed reach 250mph, It is the fastest drone I found it on all over the world. If you find out more faster one, please tell me to update this list.

#2 Fastest Racing Quad 179.3mph

Video credit: Drone Racing League

DRL (It is the first professional race series for FPV drone racing) have created a new Guinness records of hight speed record for an FPV racing drone on July 13th 2017. The max top speed is 179.3mph and average speed reach 163 mph.

The parts of the Racer X:

To achieve high speeds, due to using hight power system and at the same time with lighter components. F80 motors with 10s battery and 80A Escs can carry more than 7.55kg thrust.

As we known, FPV racing have become one style sport, the pilot will be getting a lot of satisfaction from racing quad, chasing, playing and competition. High speed and enjoy your pursuits.

#3 Fastest Fpv Drone 152mph Average

Video credit: Ryan L

The first flight reach 153.2mph on a 5s battery with VX1. In order to accurately detemine speed,you should need right GPS, such as Ublox M8N GPS.

Naked frame weight is 37g, about 47g with nose/tail cones and motor screws, and an AUW of 485g.

Other equipment:

  • 178mm custom frame
  • Cobra 2207 2450kv motors
  • APC B5x4.5E-B4 props
  • 30A Super Racerbee ESCs
  • Tattu 1300 5s 75C Lipo
  • 2 plastic Easter eggs
  • Betaflight F3 flight controller [Know More This Flight Controller]
  • Crazepony 700TVL Wide Angle FPV Camera
  • AKK X1 Vtx
  • Lemon rx DSMX
  • Ublox M8N GPS
  • Eachine EV800
  • Eachine ProDVR
  • Spektrum DX6

#4 FPV Speed Testing Reach 145 mph

Video credit: SyFly

In order to reach the high speed, have somfirmed that you need a minium 6s or batter lipo battery to achieve similar performance.

145mph it definitely have very advantage of speed for fpv event. Want to reach this speed? Try to build it 180 quadcopter 3k carbon fiber frame FPV with 6S power battery.

The record setting drone uses configurations and the video of record result, please click blow button to check out.

High Speed 145mph FPV Configurations

#5 High Speed For FPV Racing

Video credit: Catalyst Machineworks

Can reach 128mph top speed, due to its frame design, which block thrust generated by the propellers and its Escs are moved to the center body reducing resistance approximately 10 fold.

Sting 195 Setup:

  • Rebel 2206-2600kv Motors
  • Littlebee 30AMP ESCs [High Recommend The Racing ESCs]
  • HQ5045 BN Double Blade Props
  • Seriously Dodo Flight controller
  • Custom built high AMP PDB w/2200 uF Cap
  • 6s 1300mah Lipo
  • HS1177 FPV Camera
  • Hawkeyes 200mW Vtx

This high speed is good for competition of FPV racing. If you try your best to test and reach over 128mph speed, please tell me, I will update and add your fpv on these fastest drone list. It’s worth of record.

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