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ESC 30A datasheet

With the ESC 30A datasheet could list a lot of details, which you want to know when buying these ESC for your quadcoper fpv from the top 5 numbered lists.

What is electronic speed controller datasheet?

What’s the datasheet? you can know the definition from Wiki. Datasheet is a paper or a website page, which can tell you the product informations and more details. The datasheet can help you to know a product specification and how to correctly use it.

With ESC datasheet could list some improtant informantions most of these including the esc’s features, specifications (Class, Model, Cont.Current, Burst Current, BEC mode, BEC output, BEC output capability, Battery cell, Weight, Size etc.), Programmable Items, how to use it, Protect function, how to set up and system requirements etc. Therefore how important the ESC datasheet is!

30A ESC Datasheet

How to get ESC datasheet?

Where do you find the ESC datasheet? In my own experiences, there are 3 ways as following you can get it.

  1. ESC manual,when you receive your ESC, open box you can find the datasheet out.
  2. ESC product page, ESC datasheet alway are available on the official website for customers to learn more about product.Therefore you can find on a datasheet directly on the ESC product page.
  3. Ask the seller for ESC datasheet, if you miss the datasheet after receiving it for certain time, one another best way to get ESC datasheet is that ask the seller for it. They should be glad to send it to you and deal with your problems if you have any questions.

The best ESC 30A datasheet

Maybe you are looking for the best 30a ESC for your quadcopter, today I will recommended the following top five 30a ESC datasheet to you.

#1 LHI 30a Brushless Speed Controller datasheet

LHI 30a Brushless Speed Controller datasheetCompatible with: 400-450 helicopters / Aircraft or Quad-Rotor Multi RC Helicopter Good for quad-rotor KK multi-copter

Quantity: 4 sets

Product Dimensions: 1.2 x 3.9 x 5.9 inches

Weight: 5 ounces

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  • 1 Output: Continuous 30A, Burst 40A up to 10 Secs.
  • 2 Input Voltage: 2-3 cells lithium battery or 5-12 cells NiCd/NIMh battery.
  • 3 BEC: 2A / 5V (Linear mode).
  • 4 Max Speed: 210,000rpm for 2 Poles BLM, 70,000rpm for 6 poles BLM, 35,000rpm for 12 poles BLM.
    (BLM: BrushLess Motor)
  • 5 Size: 45mm (L) * 24mm (W) * 11mm (H).
  • 6 Weight: 25g.


  1. Safety Arming Feature: Regardless the throttle stick position, the motor will not spin after battery connected.
  2. Throttle Calibration: Throttle range can be configured to provide best throttle linearity, fully compatible with all market available transmitters.
  3. Full Protection Features: Low voltage cutoff protection / Over-heat protection / Throttle signal lost

Programmable Items:

  • Brake Setting: brake enabled / brake disabled. Battery Type: Li-xx(Li-ion or LiPo) / Ni-xx(NiMh or NiCd).
  • Low Voltage Protection Mode(Cutoff Mode): Gradually reduce the output power / Cutoff the output power.
  • Low Voltage Cutoff Protection Threshold (Cutoff Threshold): low / medium / high. Start Mode: normal / soft / very soft.
  • Timing: low / medium / high.
  • Reset: reset all the programmable items to their default settings.

#2 Hobbypower 1000kv Brushless Motor + 30a ESC datasheet

Hobbypower A2212 1000kv Brushless Motor + 30a ESC for Multicopter 450 X525 Quadcopter

1000kv Brushless Motor + 30a ESC datasheetBrushless motor:

  • KV: 1000
  • Max Efficiency: 80%
  • Max Efficiency Current: 4-10A (>75%)
  • Current Capacity: 12A/60s
  • No Load Current @ 10V: 0.5A
  • No. Of Cells: 2-3 Li-Poly
  • Motor Dimensions: Φ27.5 x 30mm
  • Shaft Diameter: Φ3.17mm
  • Weight: 47g

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30A speed controller:

  • Output: Continuous 30A, Burst 40A up to 10 Secs.
  • Input Voltage: 2-3cells lithium battery or 5-9 cells NiCd/NIMh battery.
  • BEC: 1A / 5V (Linear mode).
  • Max Speed: 210,000rpm for 2 Poles BLM, 70,000rpm for 6 poles BLM, 35,000rpm for 12 poles BLM.
  • Size: 45mm (L) * 24mm (W) * 11mm (H).
  • Weight: 25g.

Package Including:

  1. XXD A2212 1000KV Brushless Outrunner Motor with Mounts x1
  2. 30A Brushless speed controller x1

#3 RioRand Brushless ESC 30A datasheet

RioRand 30A Brushless datasheet


  • BEC Power: Yes
  • Cut Off Voltage: 4V
  • BEC: Yes
  • BEC Power: 1.5A/5V
  • Reset: Throttle Lowest Con.
  • Current: 30A
  • Battery Range: 5-10 Cells

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  • Size: 57mm x 25mm x 8mm
  • Net weight: 27g
  • Package weight: 33g
  • Color: Yellow
  • Original box: NO

Packing Content:

1 x 30A Speed Controller ESC

#4 Turnigy Plush 30amp Speed Controller datasheet

The Plush series ESC are a very good quality controller. They have a broad range of programming features and a smooth throttle response compared to other BESCs in the same price range.

Turnigy Plush 30amp Speed Controller datasheetFeatures:

  • User Programmable, both via controller and optional programming card
  • Cont Current: 30A
  • Burst Current: 40A
  • Lipo Cells: 2-4
  • Use for Airplane, Helicopter, Multi-copter

Product Information

  • Dimensions : 1.8 x 0.4 x 0.9 inches
  • Weight: 1 ounces
  • Internal BEC: Yes

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User Programmable:

Both via controller and optional programming card.

The programming card is an excellent item as it instantly tells the user the current settings and with a few simple clicks of the buttons, the user can change the settings and have graphical reassurance of those changes.

#5 Qianson Brushless ESC 30A datasheet

This contrller is design for high power High-power high-speed DC brushless motor.

Programmable function: governor is based on MCU control Microsystems, some features may make changes based on the needs of its programmable function

Qianson 30A Brushless ESC datasheet

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  • 30A 3-phase Brushless Motor PWM Control Speed Controller
  • Safe boot, temperature protection , Programmable, High Power , Brake, linear recognition
  • Nominal power: 360W , Signal voltage: 5V 0.5A
  • Speed signal: 8Khz / 16Khz fixed-frequency PWM, Start: flexible start / immediate start , Brake: reverse load / no brake
  • This controller only for 12V 3-phases motor

Product Description

  • Rated voltage: DC6-12.8V (recommendation 12V, not exceed 12.8V)
  • Current Rating: 32A (within 5 seconds maximum can not exceed 40A)
  • Nominal power: 360W
  • Signal voltage: 5V 0.5A
  • Temperature protection: 110 ℃
  • Speed range: 8% -98% (not from 0)
  • For motor poles: 2-18 pole
  • Start: flexible start / immediate start
  • Brake: reverse load / no brake
  • Speed signal: 8Khz / 16Khz fixed-frequency PWM
  • Servo test function: 55g or less
  • Servo test function:if you not use this function , pls ignore it.
  • Accelerator Size : 28*32mm
  • ESC Size: 58*25*8mm

ESC 30A Datasheet Conclusion

Above ESC 30A datasheet numbered lists based on rates which from all pilots leave on product page, all of those ESCS are compatible with 400-450mm quadcoper FPV and helicopters etc. If you need to purchase them, you can click the buttom “Check Current Price” links. They are only the top 5 30A ESC on the market, that doesn’t mean that you should not cosider all of them when buying it for your quadcopter.


  1. Y. Rubinstein

    September 8, 2017 at 2:03 pm

    Dear service people,
    We like to use an ESC – BLDC motor controller as stand-alone speed
    controller by out-potentiometer, we also need it fast Dynamic-Braking
    and fast Rise-Time speed up, our BLDC motor is with hall feedback,
    current 10A, 24V.
    Can we do it with your ESC??, we need it as Turn-Key, don’t like to
    program, we like it as ready-to-go/plug & play.
    If all OK, we shall need near 25 -35 pcs. after samples confirmation.
    Sincerely yours,
    Y. Rubinstein,


  2. ken

    October 3, 2017 at 3:03 am

    What is the signal that goes into the 3 pin cable to run the motor.
    Is it just a pot? What value?
    Is it TTL PWM
    Is it 0-5 V?
    Hook up diagram would help with notes.

    Thanks to anybody who answers.
    Or someting else.


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