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Drones Are the Future of Fleet Management

Drones are replicas of airplanes and helicopters that fly without a pilot. Military drones are usually large and have sophisticated capabilities including dropping missiles on a targeted area. One impressive thing about almost all drones is that a person can control them remotely. These devices have been applied in many sectors like combating crime, large scale farming and delivery of goods. But, did you know that drones are now used in fleet management? Yes, they are, and EyeRide All in One Fleet Management Solution could be offering you this anytime. It is anticipated that drones will be used more in the future of fleet management.

Why Drones?

Drones improve your surveillance capability if your fleet company is big. Flying one across the maintenance bay or the parking lot will give the manager a glimpse of what she or he wants to know via a live video transmission. All the manager is required to do is have a keen eye on the screen to find the information needed. Drones can do more than this for a fleet firm. However, much of the capabilities are still not implemented due to regulations controlling their use. Some fleet companies confirm that they have built the infrastructure awaiting the go ahead to use drones.

Benefits of Drones in Fleet Management


Drones are already using smart cameras that can count. In the future, this will be even more accurate. Fleet companies with a large number of vehicles stand a higher chance of doing an accurate job if they use drones to count the vehicles at the parking lot rather than humans. Drones keep the registration number data and the time the count was taken, which can be downloaded and saved. Other fleet companies transport goods that need a high level of accountability, and nothing can do a better job than drones.

Traffic surveillance

Drones of the future will have the capability to fly for longer distances without depleting their batteries. They will have the ability to record all traffic data and report back to base or directly to the drivers. The benefit of traffic surveillance is to guide fleet drivers on the best routes to use when conducting transport. In the future, the government institutions will also use drones to transmit the traffic information in different channels for drivers to stay advised.

Recording accidents

A fleet firm that is already planning to embrace the use of drones will be a step closer to solving accident cases. Even though dash cams record these occurrences, drones are in a position to record aerial views that are more detailed. Accident cases will not only be easy but also will decrease as drivers will be more cautious. Luckily, the drones of the future will have live data transmission or remote saving of data.


In the future, all fleet companies will have no option other than to use drones to perform the majority of their functions. Now is the time to prepare infrastructure and prepare the employees for this future technology that will change their operations. With drones, fleet firms will no longer be the same.

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