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Now more and more people are getting into drone rank, write this article about drone tutorial that share helpful experiences from me and some top pilots, which including how to getting started drone, how to choose all the parts of drone, how to build your own drone and how to fly a drone etc. You also can download it in pdf format at the end of this post.

#1 Drone tutorial – How to getting started?

If you are a beginner, this section is very impartace for you. How to getting started in drone? As my experiences, it is well known that in the learning process, “interest is the best teacher”, Before you join drone rank, you has a keen interest in drone. no matter what difficulties may come this way, you must never lose heart and overcome it.

Second, I suggest you to purchase a micro drone such as Hubsan, Nano, CX-10, DHD which are affordable in order to practice how to fly and how to hover in the sky etc. In this way not only practise flying but also save a lot of money, because as a beginner drop down and cash becomes common like potluck, therefore we don’t advise that practising using higher-priced items for most beginners.

You can purchase them now from here Best RTF and Micro quadcopter buying guide for beginners. A lot of best RTF and micro drones are recommended to you.

#2 Drone tutorial – How to choose drone parts?

After knowing how to fly a micro drone and want to build your own drone, it’s great, but before you building a drone you should know how to choose all the parts of drone such as flight controller, frame, moters, props, escs, battery, camera etc and know the roles of these components and relationships between them.

Drone tutorial - How to choose drone parts

For building a drone, These are the basic FPV drone components you will require.

  • Frame
  • Motor x4
  • Electronic Speed Control (ESC) x 4
  • Flight Control Board
  • Radio transmitter and receiver
  • Propeller x 4 (2 clockwise and 2 counter-clockwise)
  • Battery & Charger
  • Others (antenna, camera, landing gear, tools, bolts, straps etc.)

How they will work with each other?

Frame, the frist part you should consider is frame which is very important part of drone, because it supports motors and other electronics and prevents them from vibrations, all other components will bundled on the frame.

Flight Controller, flight controller as a brain which will stop flying when its components fail. What does flight controller can do? it may control all of the following aspects of flight – possibly more. Electronic and information technology develop fast. The new electronic products update soon. Here you can choose the newest one Best Drone Flight Controllers 2017

Moter and props, Generally you will get suggested prop value in motor specification, You will see kind of table with different props, Volts, Amp, Thrust and Efficiency. Lower kV motor can deal with bigger prop. With increasing kV value size of prop will be decreased.

ESC, ESC supplies power from battery but not constant, it varies according to input signal. how to choose? Just keep in mind that Ampere rating of ESC should be higher than max amp rating of motor.

Battery, Lipo battery can provide power for your drone, it is also very important one component, which decide how many flight times you can fly. You should consider the maximum Amp rating of motor when you choosing lipo battery.

To know more about how these components will work with each others and how to choose them? Click here Components of quadcopter.

#3 Drone tutorial – How to build a drone?

After you knowing how these components works and choosing them from local shop or online shop, the next step is building it.

Drone tutorial - How to build a drone

There are 15 steps to build a drone as following:

  1. Attach the prop mounts to the motors
  2. Mount the rubber vibration isolators to the base frame
  3. Attach motors to frame
  4. Connect esc’s and attach to frame
  5. Install power distribution cable to each ESC
  6. Bolt Flight controller to frame
  7. Install camera (If you have)
  8. Connect receiver
  9. Attach antenna to transmitter and fix transmitter to frame
  10. Prepare esc’s and connect to flight controller
  11. Connect flight controller to computer check motor rotation
  12. Connect the camera and the power supply to the video transmitter
  13. Tidy up cabling mess
  14. Mount a prop with correct rotation direction to each motor
  15. Install mobius, lipo and lipo alarm

It only looks easy, though. but in fact, it isn’t. Each steps are important. These are described in more detail following link: How to make a quadcopter

#4 Drone tutorial – How to fly a drone?

Finally, have done your drone, you are eager to charge lipo battery to fly and test it.

Remind yourself that it will waste your money if you crash it, therefore you need for careful flying. But how to fly a really drone for beginners? There are 2 steps to learn flying a drone as following:

Drone tutorial - How to fly a drone

Step 1, you have to know the basics theory including remote control and transmitter (right stick, left stick, trim buttons), controls works ( roll, throttle, pitch, yaw, trim) , Maneuvering styles (Bank turn, hovering, figure 8), stabilization modes ( GPS hold, Attitude, Rate manual etc.)

Step 2, Enter your operational, before flying please BE CAREFUL that you have to register with FAA if your drone takeoff weight is or more than 250g. Then choose a place around you to fly drone, there are many best places including Yard, Park, Sea, Open countryside to practice flying. You should learn how to hover a drone and how to fly in a circle.

Deliberate practice entails more than simply repeating a task. To kown more detail you can check out How to fly a drone for beginners

#5 Drone tutorial – Some tips about drone

There are so many skills and tips from top pilots, use the following tips to keep your flying drone at the best and could continue to fly safely.

Tip 1, Start micro drone this was recomended by a lot of pilots.

Tip 2, Safety first. Don’t make a dangerous such as too close to people.

Tip 3, Don’t fly drone in storm, high temperature and high humidity, rainy, cold or windy days.

Tip 4, Reduce the weight, Weight is one of the most effective way to reduce the potential risk of drone.

Tip 5, Register FAA and Without special approval, should not be flying in the densely populated are which will result in life risks.

Tip 6, About lipo battery, your storage environment should be clean and dry and do not overcharge.

Tip 7,

In general, Finally no matter which drone and skills you use, practice makes perfect, even you tend to be pretty rubbish at the beginning.

Download it now in PDF format: Drone tutorial pdf

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